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  • i5k2n0o4w0 i5k2n0o4w0 May 15, 2001 10:59 PM Flag


    The stock options were a bad deal from the get go, why would you even do that. Specialy after seeing the troubled waters Traingle was absorbing after the purchase. You should be happy with 18 and if you were stupid enough to buy stock in the mid to high 20's, you deserved it. Ever heard of Due Diligence, most of you had inside information. This may speak for itself on why some have been surgically removed, maybe the polyester kid is one of the few left with a brain.

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    • Obviously a syncophant who'se ability to kiss ass outweighs their ability to function as a contributing member of a company and society as a whole. Either that or they live in a dream world in which they believe that the phone will ring with Dave Tolbert's voice on the other end, apologizing for the mistake Alltrista made in letting them go, begging for them to come back.

    • I like you have found another job and I wish I'd found it earlier. I would not have wasted years of insecurity, backstabbing, having your ideas and imput being presented as their own ( Mr. Polyester big time), being lied to on a daily basis, and the list goes on. There is life after Alltrista and most of the people that have left one way or the other has found this out. Layoffs and downsizing is not something new in any industry, it's been around for years, so what. It's the way it is being done. What you have is a process thought up by a group of yoko's that from the top down cuts people out where some improductivity is seen and where you cut high paid labor and management out regardless of their qualifications. This method was bad for Alltrista, but better for the industry, because it turned loose people to your competitors. You talk about brain dead! Goldbudus, this character has to be one of the ones in that position trying to use more of his or hers logic on how to destroy an industry in two to three years. If I was Alltrista, I'd give them a pay raise, they have accomplished their goal.

    • Well see, here's another one. Actually the job I have now is with a well established company where I am truly not a number, nor do I constantly have to watch over my back to see who is going to plunge a knife into me next. Our company is currently picking up in business. If you are being told by you're company that all companies are laying off and downsizing, they are lying to you. And obviously, rather than check the facts for yourself, you accepted them as fact. I would feel sorry for you, but you are just the type that these companies need to prey upon. You help perpetuate the lies and cause more damage to the economy than you realize. Companies that have employees that have retained the ability for independent thought, are actually doing well.

    • If you think you can find a job where you are more than a number take it and be happy. All companies are the same layoff and downsizing is the name of the game now. be glad you have a job.

    • Well said, I believe you hit an accord when you stated, they would just as soon we go our merry way and not say a word. B.S., I'm tired of this concept. I agree companies should be held to a standard. Operating with a tone of ethics would help. A touch of common sense would also be an added asset. But no the Alltrista way is with arrogance. Another cure for the person that does not like the msg. board, do not hit the key to put you in it. I suspect your one of them and the truth is starting to get to you. You can't hide from the truth, it always comes out and I would suggest you fest up and turn over a new rock in your life. In your next job in may help.

    • You bet you're booty they were. In fact, I was one of the few that told people not to get sucked in. But the debacle of refusing to sell at 30 and then accepting 18 is a fine example of the management qualities of Alltrista, which probably explains who is left at Triangle. Gotta love these people who try to defend the actions of Alltrista. They do provide good cannon fodder and help validate the comments made on this board.

    • Ya, we all know where Polyester Boy's brain is... Its stuffed up his anus. Sort of like where his nose is in relation to upper management.
      The best thing that could happen at this point is for Marlin to buy out Alltrista and "86" whats left of the management team at the now defunct Triangle Plastics.

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