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  • lildude103us lildude103us May 23, 2001 7:22 PM Flag

    bunch of winers

    maybe if most of you that got let go would of did your jobs the way you should have maybe we wouldnt be in the situation that we are in right know. move aon with your lives and quite bitching about it.

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    • sorry about having to work on a holiday weekend. Been there done that, i feel your pain.

      but, if it makes you feel any better..just think of the salesman that you are making look like a "savior".

      oh, you need 2,000,000 parts by Monday? no problem...i'll get the crew on that right away..
      or maybe..ou oh... i forgot to put that order in...i better not tell anyone and then i can tell manufacturing it is an emergency.. the hook..


    • I'm sorry, but that is wrong! All I've read is how their business is going away, and now they are forcing people to work on a holiday weekend?

    • Yep, Sat and Mon are mandatory. It was strongly recommended that we come in on Sun also.

    • You have got to be joking. You are working this weekend!?!?

    • lildude103us,
      A couple of corrections to your message. First of all, it's WHINERS, not
      WINERS. Second it's DONE, not DID.Third it's QUIT not QUITE. And finally,
      learn to capitalize. Maybe the new folks will fire you for no other reason
      than your illiteracy.
      ( pssst, most computers have grammar, punctuation, AND spell check) It's
      people like you that have the company in the shape it's in. You can't even
      communicate. It's obvious you are being protected by someone. You're not
      keeping your job because of your intelligence. I'd venture to say your boss
      has wanted to fire you but you are sheltered form someone higher up. Where
      have I heard of THAT scenario?
      I can only hope, and I suspect they are, the Marlin folks are monitoring
      this board. I imagine they are getting a kick out of some of the things
      said. Well, they ain't seen nothing yet. Some of us have a LOT more to say
      and we will in time. But, even if we don't expose some of the things we've
      seen, THEY will uncover it. I have worked for a lot of companies and what
      I've seen these past months with the cover ups, lying, misuse of company
      funds, time, and resources needs to be brought to someone's attention. I
      myself have been asked to lie if approached with questions and I know of
      several other people who have been asked the same thing. One of the reasons
      I lost my job. I won't lie for anyone.
      Finally, you bet your ass life goes on. Do you guys really think we are not
      moving on? Get real. We have our lives and families to support. You REALLY
      think we are not going to get over Alltrista? That's comical. But, what's
      even MORE comical, is watching some of you worry about what the next few
      weeks have in store for you. Have a great day!

    • I agree with you and cantbelieveyouall these people will be bitching about there new jobs next year,they just can't except lifes ups and downs.

      • 2 Replies to yrok2460
      • LOL....

        hmmmm...bitching about people bitching...

        i love it..

        this is a forum right...?

        yrok and anyone that supports you...all i can say is...

      • yrok2460, lildude103us, et al. This is the place for us all to be expressing our feelings about what has happened with All-screwupagoodthing-trista. I am 100% certain that Marlin is monitoring these messages--again 100%--and I want them to know what has happened at the company in the past. What happened at Alltrista/Triangle is a little more than a "life's ups and downs" kind of thing. It is exactly the kind of people with your kind of attitudes that are sweating bullets right now because you know your days are numbered---with nowhere to go afterwards---I have talked to plenty of you. Good luck to all and hopefully things will turn out for the best. I personally want a hell of a lot more than $18 dollars for my damn stock. WHAT A COMPANY!!!!

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