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  • plasticswoman plasticswoman May 31, 2001 6:29 PM Flag

    To all my friends

    Sounds like as400man is nervous, who is this masked man. As400man was one of the first to post, appears he has second thoughts about posting. Why is everyone so paranoid out here, it appears you think I work for HR or something. Im just a common person who moved on from Triangle but I do wish the people still their well. This board has two people being very un-productive "imagine that" but sure do enjoy hearing from the rest of you. Whats going on besides the working on Memorial day, is production picking up? I think you have a good plant manager in Winthrop with a solid head on his shoulders. Remember he has little guidance now or support, I would not want to bear his weight.

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    • Management problems was part of the problem. If he knew the trucking industry was going to drop, with this kind of insight he must have made a fortune on the stock market then. Also how do you explain the rest of the industry still going great guns? They do trucking also. I know we loss bids to them, so why wasn't their business off as much as ours? Why was they after our people? You can try to hide behind a statement like your a plant person, but it very obvious you are not and your trying to protect management, your emails are laced with it throughout all your messages.

    • Why are you attacking As400man? What could be considered paranoid about wanting to be left alone? Looking back through the old posts, the only thing of his/her that I could find, was the fact that people were being laid-off and fired at Triangle. Seems like a innocent enough post since Triangle is part of a publically held company. I would think that is information that stockholders and people considering investing their money in Alltrista should have access to. Of course, that doesn't excuse the fact that people were threatened with their jobs for letting several people outside of the company know this fact. Are you making the assumption that you yourself are the only person with friends inside the company? Although with the crew you have allied yourself with, I would make sure you constantly watch you're back. Maybe someone should look into information that you may have received? Of course, you would never think of profitting from insider information, or would you?
      I would also suggest that you do a serious recount on the number of people that you consider "unproductive" by posting facts that noone seems to want to dispute.
      I also have not seen one single post here that suggests that you work for HR. Did you work at Triangle so long that you have forgotten how to deal with the facts? Also if you would take the time and look back, you would notice that as400man was not one of the first to post on this board. All you're post has done is to help authenticate the statements that have been posted on this board. You have managed once again, to spew forth with lies, half-truths, and rumors. And you still don't understand why there alot of people out there posting against Triangle?

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      • One has to be amused by these innocent outsider post that attack the people that post against Alltrista. Why do they care if they are on the outside, what are they defending. If they truly are outsiders, what is to be gained or why do they care? If they are truly insiders (which I believe they are) then I can understand why they get riled. But why can't they come back with the facts to backs up their actions. I say they can not and their main purpose is to quite all down so they can keep their jobs.

    • Sorry plasticswoman, I have nothing to be nervous about. I just want to crush any rumors that seem to be floating around about me. Like I said before, I may have had to put up with it when I worked there, but I'm not going to put up with it now. Anything I have posted in the past was facts. But now I hear that my name is being passed around again. Like I said before, keep me out of this! I don't honestly give a shit one way or the other about Triangle or Alltrista. If you've moved on fine, I've moved on also, so I would appreciate it if you and you're buddies at Triangle quit trying to drag me back in. The only reason I responded to this, was because of the e-mails I've received today about you're post. I don't think that me requesting to be left alone would be that difficult to understand. But obviously you people seem to need a boogieman and since I'm not there to defend myself, I'm the chosen one. I will politely request again, leave me out of this.

    • They only worked saturday last weekend. The plant manager and a engineer job are advertized in the Cedar Rapids Gazzette. the acting manager will go back to supervisor. you are right about 2 people. I think they don,t want marlin partners to buy this company, that is why they are making the noise.

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