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  • mikemayzak mikemayzak Oct 28, 2009 8:27 AM Flag

    Is this the time to buy?

    I just jumped into this junk bond fund - for some reason I feel this is the time to get some junk in my trunk (or portfoilo), is this one as good as it presents itself for a new investor?

    Mike in Oklahoma

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    • Over 60% of my portfolio are Junk Bond funds just like this one. They have all performed well. I'm actually new to this particular fund though. But all HY Bond Funds are not bad investments it's definitely a matter of patience though. The longer you hold it, the more growth you will see. And they don't collapse as hard as stocks do during bad times. What's nice about this one is you don't need a large lump sum for additional investment. It's only like 50 bucks minimum. I've been heavily invested in Junk Bond Mutual Funds and ETFs since late 2009. So I rode up the bad times with lots of capital growth but I think long term you should come out fine.

    • The nice thing about this fund---over the long term---is that it's one of the more conservative junk bond funds. Because it has so much church money (having been founded by members of the Methodist church as a socially responsible fund---it tends to invest in the best of the worst rated bonds. I've had it for years, and can't find any other high-yield fund that is better in down markets. If you want high fliers in up markets, this fund isn't for you. It's a long-term investment---not a short-term speculation

    • Yes and No. If you are entering for a short period, no. for long period, who cares. anyway why enter right after an uninterupted 3000 point move up?. wait and watch.after any big drop it will be a better time than now. don't you think?
      I use the 200,50 sma as guide.

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      • Prices were lower in the past, but the idea of these funds are for monthly income not to buy and sell like a stock like some morons do. You always get charged a fee for selling funds like this within 6 months of buying or whatever they declare on the prospectus for a time frame.
        Just buy and let it produce a dividend for you with little worries.

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