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  • bullish2003 bullish2003 May 26, 2012 4:29 AM Flag

    Buy n bury in backyard for ten years. will be 300 then!

    its nice to see your optimism, but its not based on anything. though fb is big, and popular, its not making that much money. its already been in headlines, that underwriters lower their valuation; while the stock was bumped up to $38, from $28. so logically, this thing should had started below $28.

    i use fb, and what i've noticed was that i don't click on the ads, I barely even look to the side. also, they're no ads on fb when you use your cell phone. don't know about you, but most of my friends use their phones, more then a pc.

    that's just my 2 cents, of course, but we'll all know whos right when earnings comes out.
    and don't forget the 3/ 6 month holding periods.

    there's a sea of great stocks to choose from, why choose this one??

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    • indigo.brown May 26, 2012 4:37 AM Flag

      look FB has 1bn users. 4bln USD in revenue. 1bln USD in profit. its no scam like was. but i do agree that most people use smartphones these days and they need to monetize that but i don't see why they could not do that? if the game app fruit ninja can do it for a few thousand bux why could Facebook not do it?

      and I did buy 100 shares of FB for 31 bux and i feel happy about that I will save them for a few years. I must be honest though I am more of a "Tumblr" and "Credister" guy myself.

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