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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 May 27, 2012 9:11 AM Flag

    GM Pullout was overblown by news media

    All of the discussion that centered on GM pulling out of their AD deal with FB was really misrepresented by the news industry. It turns out GM also pulled their ADs for the upcoming Super Bowl too. These actions typically deal more with conserving cash during a time the road ahead looks iffy and not with the ineffectiveness of the AD host. in fact, Form Motor Company is delighted with the arrangemetn they have with FB. So it turns at as usual it is the news media that simply promotes negative news at the expense of our US economy. Last, how does anyone explain when an aconomy can have 92% employment and that is made to be such a negative? It is laughable to see how the media and politics play into such poor accounting of our national issues at the expense of hard working class while media and political elite prosper.

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    • You mean GM is crap like FB?? I get it now

    • GM pulling out means they think advertizing on FB is ineffective. PERIOD. End of story.

      Another possibility could be that GM is think the economy is tanking so why waste money on advertizing. Either way, it doesn't look for Facebook.

    • one of the most accurate posts i have read in long time... thank you!

    • Corporations are run by crooks, the media is run by crooks , politicians are corrupt.
      Madoff is a crook, Liberman is a crook, Zuckerman is a a money hungry greedy crook. Who are this people ?

      How you gonna invest in corporate America if Wall Street is run by crooks who are cheating you out of your hard earned money ?
      It is one thing to buy a stock of a public company without any information on your own risk and is other if the CEO of a company and its underwriters are lying to you and they are shearing inside information just with a certain group of people on the expense of the retail investor you.
      FB and Morgan Stanly stole 60 billion from us on its first day of trading.
      I would not buy the stock if Morgan Stanly would inform us as they informed some privileged multi milliners that FB will miss earning estimates next quarter
      Think about !!

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      • Hi there,
        I noticed the same report (that GM cancelled Super Bowl ad too). Now, I admit I'm long, and if anyone says I'm a dork for buying the stock I accept this for the moment. Although, I live in Japan, and I noticed that many advertisers here no longer list their own web URLs on their advertisements, but now show their Facebook ID, or tell there audience to see them on FB. Does that make FB worth $100 billion? No, of course not, but to all those who say that FB is worthless, or a fad, or only for teens chatting, or that it can be easily replaced by another website, I think that is shallow thinking. There is a huge mote around FB.



        The bottom line:

        If GM's ads on Facebook were effective -- selling a lot of cars and trucks for GM and bringing in big profits -- they would not have pulled their ads.



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