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  • ggggggg_gargle ggggggg_gargle Aug 5, 2012 4:15 PM Flag

    Romney won't answer any questions


    because he knows very well he has no answers. His party is just a corrupt as the extreme rightwing clueless ignoramus losers here on this message board.

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    • Romney with over 6 Caymon Island accounts under ficticious account number and billions of dollars tax free! Another scum of our corrupt political country!

      • 1 Reply to justdoitrt
      • Are you sure you want to play the "Somebody's hiding something" game between Obama and Romney?

        And Obama with 26 Social Security numbers....

        Obama, in his book, admits to being a complete stoner in High School; going through his last two years of High School in a daze, and then he gets into college at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard? Please give me a break. Something ain't right with this clown. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

        He admits to traveling to Pakistan as a college student during a time when U.S. Passports were not admitted. He references his mentor, Frank (Marshall Davis) numerous times in his book. Go look up who Frank Marshall Davis was. A card carrying member of the Communist Party.

    • Because he knows he entered college as a foreign student, traveled around the world on a foreign passport, made grades in High School, where he freely admits to being a stoner the last two years, that didn't support his admission to Occidental College, Columbia or Harvard Law. He doesn't release any of the papers he wrote while attending college because it will expose him as the radical communist that he is deep down.

      He knows that his Social Security number is a fraud. He knows that his Selective Service Registration is forged.

      I'm simply amazed that the Obama camp is going after documents from Romney when Obama hasn't released anything.

    • At least he has a birth certificate and a history other than a book that he wrote about himself.

      • 1 Reply to boyhowdie365
      • lol.

        Yes. I stare in amazement at those who criticize Romney, when he has a PROVEN RECORD of ACHIEVEMENT. Forget political ideology for moment. Just looking at the two men. Obama really has NOT ever had a real job. He was promoted and pushed along the affirmative action, liberal path for many years. A junior senator as POTUS? Ridiculous. Obama has NO history of leading or achieving anything. Nothing against teh guy, but that is the truth. They won't release his college transcripts because his marks were lousy. Without a teleprompter, he sounds like an idiot. He is a legend in his own mind. Extremely overrated intellect. Bill Clinton (like him or hate him) is far more intelligent than Obama. And a much smarter politician too. Hillary would have been a afar better POTUS. McCain would have been better too. Affirmative action for the POTUS is a very bad idea.

        And the divisive politics of this fraud (class warfare, gender warfare, race warfare) is really tearing America apart. Democrats and leftists need a victim class and a scapegoat for their ideology to succeed. Without these two elements, they have no raison d'etre.

        I can understand people not liking the GOP or right-wingers. But those who attack Romney do so because they are being blindly faithful to left-wing ideology and/or Obama. Or they are envious of his wealth. Otherwise, if you are not biased, you see a man who has a good wife and family, who gives tens of millions of dollars to charity (not just Mormons), who has been successful in business, successful in managing the very liberal state of Mass as governor, and successful in taking over the Olympics when it was in very bad shape and turning it around. He is a very capable guy. He is a turnaround specialist - isn't that what America needs???

        When did it become a bad thing for a guy to actually have accomplished something on his own before becoming POTUS? This demonizing of wealth and success ("you didn't build that") is sickening and anti-American.

    • You sound like a Facebook investor........

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