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  • devildtail devildtail Aug 17, 2012 3:13 PM Flag


    1) The more time you spend on Facebook the worse you feel.

    2) Your friends almost never have anything interesting to say.

    3) The more you post the more you're friends think you're a loser.

    4) The more you post the more you are a loser. Ask a successful friend how much time he spends on Facebook and watch the smirk of condescension. Your hyper-opinionated, unemployed bro who knows how to run global monetary policy? He's on 24/7.

    5) Let me get this straight: I post funny things, cool pictures, product reviews ... and Facebook makes money off of my efforts? So, why wouldn't I just have my own website?

    6) FB devalues the word friend. That dumbbell you met at the Shakey's pizza party for your kids' soccer team is not your friend.

    7) FB earns money off people's personal data. That feels wrong. They provide connection, sure. But still the esesntial idea feels wrong.

    8) FB is like a billion toddlers jumping on the bed, shouting for mommy's attention.

    9) Posting something thoughtful, heartfelt or passionate on FB makes you feel like an idiot. Next time someone you love dies see how it feels to post your heartbreak by someone's photo of their cat who looks like he has a mustache. Brutal.

    10) Getting all of your friends to "like" your website is not a business plan.

    11) Owning a virtual farm is sad. It's so very sad. I'm crying right now just thinking about it. And bawling that I missed shorting Farmville creator, Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA). Canary in the Facebook coal mine?

    12) Watching companies struggle to post useful content is excruciating.

    13) FB offers users a chance to project a celebrity-lite narrative of their lives. One might argue this fills an essential human need: to make life seem more interesting and exciting than it actually is. Still, seeing shots of your buddy with his arm wrapped around a celebrity is pathetic.

    14) I'm sure information on Gmail is no safer but having an edgy conversation where you share intimitate details on FB is like having a conversation on a phone that you know is bugged.

    15) Facebook promotes a culture of endless judgment. How many likes did I get?! Woof woof, can I have a Scooby Snack! Again, just feels bad. All our lives - in school, at work, we're faced with endless review of our every word and deed. Do we really want to have every thought and photo we share with supposed friends judged by the number of likes?

    16) (Always underpromise and overdeliver) FB offers nothing essential. Nothing you could not easily replace with a phone call, email or God forbid, doing something in real reality. Supposedly, there's such great ad revenue to be generated by getting product reviews from friends. Sorry, but I couldn't care less which shaving cream my buddy uses. And if I need advice for something big, like a car or TV, I use the phone. If FB vanished tomorrow, all you would lose is an addiction. That's a good thing.

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