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  • gf995 gf995 Aug 19, 2012 12:48 PM Flag

    *** Denoting a Substantive FB Post ***

    Since this board appears to have been taken over in droves with pumpers and dumpers and gloomers and political rhetoric, I have a simple suggestion.

    If you have something relevant to say about FB, that is data driven, or rationale, or logical, or related to your personal experience, please denote that in your subject line by putting asterisks or $ or /// before and after.

    At least that way we can start to try and weed out some of the posters that insist that Obama will make FB go to Zero, or that FB is somehow a Martian plot, or that FB is going out of business next week.

    We'd all like to read about technical, personal, historical, valuation, news, and trend analyses re FB. That's why we're here reading and posting. If you're only here to pump or gloom or claim Obama is an alien, please ignore this and just keep doing what you're doing.

    As for the rest of you, try to use numbers, asterisks, or $ signs in 3 or 4 units in your subject line, so we can at least guess that your post is serious, and not just fluff spam or propaganda.

    Thanx, from the Management.

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