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  • perfidian66 perfidian66 Aug 20, 2012 11:00 AM Flag

    The Perfect Storm.....

    Nothing looks good ahead for FB; the billions of shares being unlocked, and if the markets start to drop (which they should) during the last quarter, along with more problems with the EU and unemployment---all will affect the price of their shares and makes them drop much more.
    Add to this brew, a highly demoralized FB staff of workers who will immediately dump their shares, and it becomes the Perfect Storm.

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    • Faceebook's goverance It is Zuck's company.
      He has no board of directors to be accountable to. Thusly there is no board accountable to the shareholders. Zuck cannot be fired.

      What is Zuck's strategic vision? Does he have one? Does he even care? No strategic vision is not to make billions for myself and Mrs Zuck to spend on cars, yachts, cruises, Mcmansions, jewelry etc and to hell with the rest of you.

      I do not see that Zuck has articulated how he plans to grow earnings and revenue. I see no 3-5 year plans disclosed to the investing public
      that might one day benefit the shareholders.

      Zuck's leadership skills does not inspire me with confidence with this company in the days ahead. At this moment he had demonstrated NONE.
      He may be a computer genius,but he appears clueless on how to grow this company to the benefit of ALL SHAREHOLDERS

      Folks, this is WORSE THAN A STRONG SELL!!!!
      I'd stay in only if you are comfortable with losing 100% of your investment because that is the direction Farcebook (excuse me Facebbok is going.)

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