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  • elimsii elimsii Aug 29, 2012 11:48 PM Flag


    So now we know there are two weasels on the ticket

    Some of Ryan's Lies in his speech tonight

    1) GM plant in Wisconsin closed under Obama

    Lie, Gov. Scott was caught lying about this too. It was closed Dec. 2008

    2) 716 Billion of waste fraud cost savings and federal subsidies to Insurance companies for Medicare Advantage stolen from Medicare to pay for ACA, Ryan says & Romnutz will restore it.

    #$%$ Ryan uses the same savings in his budget which btw does not balance till the year 2040 if then.

    At least Obama plows the savings back into helping seniors by closing the donut hole and prevented screenings etc.

    3) Obama commissioned Simpson/Boles to deal with the deficit. S/B Report came back and Obama did nothing with it.

    Ryan was on this commission and he actually walked away before they finished. Poor leadership on Ryan's part. Hypocritical criticism from someone who walked away without from the s/b commission before completion.

    The list of Ryan lies goes on and on in that dumb speech. Let's see if the weasel Robmeclutz continues with his welfare lie et al.

    One would have to be pretty stupid to vote for these liars - oh that's right there is no shortage of stupidity on the Rtard side.

    Sad state of affairs - this is the best team the Rtards could put together - two lying weasel

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    • ramholdings said: What's worse is that really gullible people fall for it. They are hypocrites and liars.


      ram, you are absolutely correct, spot on and to the point.

      notice the 7 Rtards who responded so far could not argue the facts as presented so you guessed they resort to ad hominum attacks and simple minded refrains.

      I did notice one Rtard binnybozo attempted to refute one lie Ryan told last night involving the GM plant closure which Ryan tried to blame Obama for. The idiot binnybozo actually quoted an article which confirmed Ryan's lie. bozo's thread was entitled Hey DUDE.. RYAN DID NOT LIE ABOUT THE GM PLANT !!!

      my response to bozo was entitled: are u on crack RYAN DID LIE ABOUT THE GM PLANT !!!

      and so naturally I pointed to the spot in bozo's own quoted article which confirmed Ryan's lie and for that matter Scott Walker who was also caught in the same lie. Rumor has it Scotty boy will join Boehner's weeping willow club. How in the world can these idiots who cry at the drop of a hat present strength to our enemies. They can't.

      It's like the three or more stooges - who can tell the biggest lie, get caught and the idiots who can't discern truth including the 7 morons who responded to my truthful post keep repeating the lie.

      The only Explanation I can proffer is these idiots are stuck in Rtard Twilight Stupidity Zone and are so dumb they cannot find the door to get out. Amazing but sad that this is how little they have to put forth.

    • The truth really hurts because you know -

      It's Time To Put America Back To Work. First those who want jobs and then the "entitlement" class who don't want to work and expect to be supported by others.

    • Are you jst stupid or what? Why would you or anyone else ever want to live with what we have had to put up with for the past 3 plus years.. You are an idiot to say the least.. Trillions in Debt, growing at a rate that is unsustainable, Health Care that no one read before they past it, Taking the summer off without a budget ? Nothing about the tax cuts expiring Jan 1st, and by the way its not ok for a man to marry a man or a woman to marry woman. Shame on the President of the USA to Condone such behavior is beyond words. We need someone to Stand Up for This great country and not someone who feels they need to apologize for us..

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • another bo bagholder

    • What's worse is that really gullible people fall for it. They are hypocrites and liars.

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