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  • dramatic_move_up dramatic_move_up Sep 12, 2012 12:40 AM Flag

    Why you better get in the China Facebook RENN heavy and soon

    the facebook of China valued at ...wait for it just 1.5 billion with 1 Billion in cash is run better, has their own groupon site but better and more successful, makes the best videogames for cellphones. 40% of the chinese that log onto ren ren, (the china fb) do it by smartphone. They have over 200 million actual loyal users which grow everyday but more importantly they have the 11-29 year old age group completely locked up with over 5 Billion in that specific age group to get online in China over the next 5 years for the 1st time. The stock is about 8 winning companies in one. The Ceo Chen is building an empire much the way apple makes things that all go together and relate to each other awesome and smooth. Now for the best part, the stock is under 4 dollars because China is at a 3 year low on the slowdown with a stimulus just days away, oh yeay one more small factor, the richest man in the entire country of China has recently joined the Renn board of directors and said along with Chen they will not rest or be happy till Renn has at least a 100 Billion dollar market cap. This is the next Bidu, after 2 years of manipulation about to blast off like a rocket as the hedge funds have had plenty of time to load up. The rumor is the Billionaire told Chen he would not blast it off with his buddies until Chen is done with his company buyback of shares. This should be completed in Sep sometime because the Oct calls are getting hammered at ask each day no matter what the stock does, up or down. The only other stock I can find that will change as many small retail longs lives as RENN is DANG which acts bonkers everytime Amazon spikes or has news because DANG IS A LEADING ETAILER IN CHINA! fb COULD POSSIBLY BE CLOSE TO THE END OF ITS GROWTH WHILE RENN IS AT THE BEGINNING!

    FB will still test that 15,too many people want to know if it can hold, while other say 12 can hold but 15 can't for FB

    Also don't buy a ton of weekly calls on a stock with right now no bottom in site like FB, a 2 year chart on RENN looks just like BIDU and AMZN before they exploded north, the renn billionaire can do it himself anytime he wants, and he wants to soon!

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