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  • shabbir3825 shabbir3825 Sep 26, 2012 7:40 PM Flag


    100 ML BUY BACK

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    • Time for a dividend !

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    • why would this ever see $25? it barely pushed $23 after zuckerberg trying to pump it up. the analysts know it's worthless, and we have tons of lock up shares that are going to be sold asap in the next two months.


    • Did you see "FB $4.5 billion secret weapon" article ? "Facebook Connect"
      The FB bull is charging higher from here.......

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      • Facebook Connect can bring in billions through subscriptions but this is an "option" that facebook may choose to simply sit on for a while.

        Facebook Connect is a potentially big money maker in advertising as well. A company that uses FB for its logins can down the road use facebook advertising to directly advertise to friends of their current customers to build their customer base.

        This is related to retargeting that Facebook Exchange currently does in an industry-best manner (from third party data), but it is not the same. In retargeting it is the same customers who are targeted. In Facebook Connect's case, friends of current customers can be directly targeted as well.

      • "Whether it is calls for the company to hire another head honcho to replace Mark Zuckerberg, or claims that it isn't doing enough to protect the privacy of its users , it seems like every armchair analyst has something to say about the social network."

        This is EXACTLY Facebooks entire problem! With so much uncertainty with the stock, the only solid thing we have is the fact that:

        1. Userbase seems to have peaked mid 2012
        2. Mobile ad is nowhere to be seen
        3. Trades at skyhigh multiples even though the revenue has been slowing down
        4. No word about anything solid from the company. Not even when Zuckerberg went on stage at TechCrunch!

        So, when the company COMPLETELY NEGLECTS its shareholders and on top of that Zuckerberg just talks(no facts or numbers whatsoever from his speech, just air), we are to succumb to the fact that Facebook is going to deliever and become new Google or Apple?! When companies are doing well they inform the markets. Sorry, but Zuckerberg so far has been a total idiot. He has made himself rich, and from the IPO till this day, he went on stage ONCE and just talked. Or should I say fantasised rather than telling the market solid plans with numbers. It would be like me going and telling everyone that I will go on and make $100 million in the next 12 months. Not sure how I am gonna do it, but I will think of a way.

        Now, if you want to believe in tales and buy on hope, be my guest! The fact that Facebook is so reluctant about sharing any information with the market tells me one thing; it ain't going that well for FB! So, whats all the secrecy? And then we have newspapers and articles ALL over the web bashing eachother with who is right. Back and forth. Per today, odds are ALOT more infavour shorts than longs, because facts so far point to FB not being able to deliever.

    • NO, tomorrow, stupid buttph$K'r. Keep us adwised, cretin

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