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  • nohype88 nohype88 Nov 2, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

    O Lied and Americans Died

    Weeks of falsely claiming the Benghazi attack on the American Embassy was merely a random "protest" over an obscure video. There were to military surveillance drones in the area and real time visuals were available in the White House Situation Room and State Department in real time. They knew then and know now what happened. Guess Who Lied and Americans Died?

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    • SOB's have their blood on their hands... How can Clinton and Obama stand in front of the nation intentionally lying about the deaths of these hero's. They are #$%$ and you know what,, this country is crap now and because we are crap he will get re elected.. Mother F's

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      • No he won't. You are assuming that the polls with consistent over representation of democrat respondents are accurate. Watch how the old media is going to be "shocked" at what they characterize as the the "last minute" change in voter sentiment and how they will bend over backwards to try and explain it as latent racism. Of course to do this, they will have to conveniently ignore the fact that he was elected in the first place which will be easy since they will all agree.

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