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  • romneybasher romneybasher Nov 7, 2012 8:43 AM Flag

    NO More days left ! Like I said President Obama was going to Win by over 300 Electoral Votes and he did , now please stop making bigot statements about him . I won't use my ID Romneybasher anymore ! but as I said the 47% , Bain, the Lies and Flip Flop were going to do Romney Ryan in and these Issues did it

    God was right when he told me Obama would win ! Now lets learn how to get along with everyone,

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    • I appreciate your effort here in this highly visible FB forum in fighting back the rhetoric of the ignorant, lying, and bigoted fools that incessantly posted their Political stupidity on this board.

      A+ for tenacity and sticking it out till the end

      The good news is on the fiscal cliff OBAMA's Grand Bargain is all but done thru Congressional automatic expiration. It is the republicans who will drive us over the cliff because they need the cover of not having to vote for a tax increase. Once this is done Obama's vision of making permanent only the tax cuts for the first 250k of earnings and 4 Trillion in spending cuts which Boehner turned down last time will become law.

      Also on the agenda - tax reform etc just listen to Obama's speech last night which was excellent and comprehensive in what needs to be done.

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