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  • my_views_on_this_topic my_views_on_this_topic Nov 9, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    If you are loading up when prices fall ...

    Why on earth would you do that when you know FOR CERTAIN you could (load up) after December for lower share prices.

    Anyone who continues to make this statement is lying (rationalizing that you are a sound thinker).

    IMHO, this share will continue to see harsh drops until October 2013 (YES 2013 not 2012). There are 600 MILLION MORE SHARES coming in 2013 (not accounting for the billions of shares that may or may not be sold before December), and that does not even count the additional shares that Zuck is merrily issuing from now until then, considering all the companies that were recently purchased. In worse case scenarios those 3+ billion shares will hit you in 2013.

    And for those who think more takeovers mean more profits in the future, THINK AGAIN !!!!

    Do you really think his Instagram purchase was worth $1 billion? Twitter initially considered purchasing a company which created patented filters similar to Instagram, then went against that stupidity because of the huge costs involved in buying out other peoples ego's! They have developed just as innovative filters (if not better) and installed it into their new camera application for less than $15 million.

    $15 million on one side versus $1 billion on the other side. Hm, let's see if that is a good purchase. Thank you longs for giving Zuck the money to play.

    And for those who think that FB was buying out the users of instagram so the cost was justified, THINK AGAIN !!!!

    FB already claims to have 1 billion users compared to Instagrams 50 million. There is a 100% possibility that everyone using Instagram already used FB.

    FB is on it's way to seeing massive crashes not just until December but long-long-long after that. If this stock rises after Dec, we will continue to see huge drops ala Groupon. Facebook is an unethical scheming practice. When the SEC and FBI (yes I say FBI) investigates it, each and every employee who "knowingly" continues to assist in its malpractices will be held accountable. Just saying the employee was following orders will not work. This has happened before too. Money or not, their conscience is at stake here.

    FB could have been an ethical coorporation, but they their developers, management, and every other supporting departmental staff have instilled so much scam into it that it will roll around in the filth for the rest of it's short life until bankruptcy.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • my_views_on_this_topic my_views_on_this_topic Nov 13, 2012 11:06 AM Flag

      For those who think that $15 is a better buy than the $38 that FB went in at IPO. Or even a better buy than $45 that FB shot at on it's first day with all the initial hype before reality set in never to see that price again until today. Here are some points to consider,

      Would not $10 be an even better investment than $20 if you still believe in the growth of this POS company?

      Or $5 an even better investment than $10?

      There is only bad news out there for FB and 2+ billion shares waiting to be sold at any investors losses. Why should anyone believe otherwise when a CEO sends a negative outlook. He has his own downfall factored in. In fact one should multiply that negative outlook by a factor of 10, because those outlooks will still be rosy cheeked considering the insiders will want to prop up the company till they get out.

      Zuck very clearly said not to expect growth over the short term.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • "FB could have been an ethical coorporation, but they their developers, management, and every other supporting departmental staff have instilled so much scam into it that it will roll around in the filth for the rest of it's short life until bankruptcy"


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      • The only ones buying this POS are the underwriters. When they start to sell, it will be a trip to hell. After all they have no interest in holding losses long term. They have

        been supporting this useless ticker down from it's highs of $45.
        Any gullible investor who fails to see this and continues to hold or "double down" will realize it when they are hit hard. Make no mistake,
        . Employees will want to sell
        . Underwriters will want to sell
        . Zuck will want to sell.

        We will have to write a new deadline to the lockup expiry (Oct 2013 - 500 MILLION SHARES MORE COMING WHEN ITS ZUCKs TURN TO TRY AND PROFIT FURTHER).

        FB is just looking at doling out very long and very harsh hurting.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • hgtacvs11 Nov 9, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

      I wanna know where that $41.00 target price is at? The price keeps going down, down, Dah - I think I will invest another ten grand, but not in this POS.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • replace (dut) and (cum) appropriately and remove spaces
      blogs (dut) marketwatch (dut) (cum) /thetell/2012/11/06/facebook-insiders-keep-on-selling/
      Facebook insiders keep on selling
      November 6, 2012, 4:09 PM
      John Shinal
      Among Facebook’s top executives and directors, the question isn’t so much who is selling shares but who isn’t.
      The answer seems to be: everyone at Facebook FB (-0.05%) except CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
      Since October 25, a number of insiders have sold part of their respective stakes in the company, per recent SEC filings.
      The names from the list include:
      . Michael Todd Schroepfer, VP of Engineering
      . Sheryl Sandberg, COO, director
      . Theodore Warren Ullyot, VP, General Counsel, board sec.
      . David Spillane, Chief Accounting Officer
      . James Breyer, director, VC investor
      . David Ebersman, CFO
      . David B. Fischer, VP Marketing
      CFO, COO, VP, CAO - and do you really think employees will hold? Not IMHO.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Even though the writer of the below article has given strong analysis for $14, IMHO his analysis is too high. At 7x growth forecast (which is high for a company already this size), FB is looking at $3/share price in the future.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • my_views_on_this_topic my_views_on_this_topic Nov 13, 2012 12:17 PM Flag

        For those who thought that FB users will make the company profitable

        FB themselves has estimated NOT LESS THAN 50 MILLION under 13 year "kiddy" accounts. And considering FB will lie to keep their investors happy, I doubt that number is less than 70 MILLION.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • I keep hearing that FB will make a deal with China and this stock will surge.

        Why would Chinas' communist leaders want FB and the US Government to have such detailed information on Chinese citizens?

        Why would Chinese citizens want that either?

        For that matter, why would any countries leaders and citizens want that?

        For the ones who do not understand these thoughts, let us put the above statements in another perspective.

        Would you like other governments to hold detailed information about you? About who you are, what you do, where you worked, where you studied, who your friends are, what your political aspirations are, how you make money, who your family is, when you are travelling to their countries by your stupid updates, your credit card information when you purchase through FB, the various events you go to showing your wealth while you display otherwise on your tax reports, etc? If you do, I sincerely feel you are one of the few.

        IMO, this sort of information is privileged to you and people you want to share knowingly, not unknowingly. China will have their own social network that they will push to obtain this information.

        FB ticker price is looking at going down to $2 where it belongs.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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