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  • amet.ugaas amet.ugaas Nov 11, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    Lockup expiration this week

    Unlike the lust lockup expiration, this one is for the big dogs like venture capatalists and Zuckerbergs. These guys have a big stake in the company and want to see it succeed, hence they are not going to offload their shares in such a low price.

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    • CNBC has covered this ad naueum with other IPOs. venture capitalists sell. Their task is done. I'ts not emotional, selling is what they do, then on to next venture. Zuckerberg is different, he wont sell, but i anticipate former employees and venture firms will sell. --of course i've been wriong b4. GLTA

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      • They can unlock 5 billion shares - it still won't send the stock down to $12. Zuck won't allow it. It's his company and all he has to do is make ONE statement and the stock will stop falling.

        Get real folks. Trading will halt if FB falls to $17 this week, and then Zuck will make statements to keep the non VCs from selling. Then hedge funds and institutions will start buying because they know FB may never be this cheap again.

        Just what do you think will happen to FB price if they meet or exceed in January? lol .... It will be back to $30 once all the lockup pressure is over most likely. LNKD trades at 1000x earnings. What do you think FB will do in a few months?

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    • Agreed. I added to my position at Friday close, will add more if it goes down from here. $17 seems like a floor. After this lock up I think we'll see a slow grind higher into next earnings date. No one will want to be caught short like last time.

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      • "$17 seems like a floor"...!? What are you talking about? Where is this number coming from? You probably were among the ones that set the IPO figures...
        This lockup could be a disaster and send the pps in the single digit territory. There is no more floor when a stock lost almost 50% of its IPO value after a couple of months. Everything has been timed wrongly in this post. $40 billions in value were lost while the company is reporting a 12cents profit/share... Don't you all see it's a joke!!!??

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      • Stocks generally move in anticipation of an event, ahead of the actual event. We should all know that by now, so it's pretty obvious that the drop from 24 to 19 since earnings is because of the lock up. At some point, this stock will turn and the smart shorts will cover and lock in their profits. Once the sellers that have to sell have finished, the stock should move back up so there is more up side risk than down side risk at these levels. Buyers of the stock this coming week should be rewarded by year's end in my opinion.

      • Oh come on. Its the Venture Capitalists who are MOST likely to sell. They might keep some stake in the company, but you can be sure they will want to turn a tidy profit right now. They are not in the business of leaving money sitting around for years and years. I'm curious about the floor too and 17 bucks is as good estimate as any. Do you think anyone BUT optimistic consumers have been buying recently? This is a HUGE expiration and I'll bet they are itching to sell.

      • Caught short? This company is run like a non-profit. Everyone should be short until it makes an actual profit.
        It makes no money. Folks have been waiting a year to get out before the stock goes down to 9.
        If you are so confident it will go up at expiration, BUY SHARES NOW!!!
        Everyone know the laws of supply and demand force these shares to go down as new supply hits. It will go down every day next week and plunge the day the lockup release occurs.

      • Yeah the shorts were in big trouble, it jump up for a week. The longs were happy for 1week.

        This stock might end up at 10 then find a range to settle in at.

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    • Actually their money has been tied up for years, and their cost is pennies. They will sell to take gains on this investment. Why take risk, they already won. All they have to do is sell. Anything more is just greed.

      They will sell percentage of their position to get investment and then some back, might leave some to ride.

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