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  • texas.boy53 texas.boy53 Nov 11, 2012 8:07 PM Flag

    Election 2012 Summary....


    Barack loves power and money more than anything. He is also a racist. How did he win? By accusing the PTA GOP candidate of exactly those things....his propaganda was good coupled with more giveaway programs for more groups of bums. Anyway the joooows were paid handsomely for their propaganda services. Besides the certainty of higher taxes for productive activity to support the nonproductive Democrats look for more regulations, more bureaucrats, more leeches and general perversion. Where will it all stop? We will see..............

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    • tb, as I told the other resident stooge - you have also been wrong about everything including the election results.

      you now have a choice - continue in your stupidity or get out of your foxsnooze bubble and test the waters of reality. My guess is it is more comfortable for you to remain delusional.

      if rtard republican party stays in the same delusional state you are in they will continue to lose elections.

      the centrist and independents won - math does matter and lies when told over and over which romnutz continued to spout caught up to him - he lost in a landslide and so did you. rtard trickle down policies are bankrupt.

    • Here's a summary..... you and longsazzareraw were wrong....AGAIN! Certainly not the first time and DEFINITELY not the last time either!!! Tolerance and compassion ALWAYS trumps hate and fearmongering! Take care down there in little Mexico.

    • you sir, are in the minority camp and you don't even know it. sad..........

    • simple the caricature did not match reality. You all keep telling each other the same lies over and over - you believe them and then reality smacks you upside your head

      Obama won on his record and his policy positions, also ground and pound math works tell muttons and rtards to try it some time

      romnutz was a very poor candidate for many reasons but primary was his reasoning for running was a fraud - also on every side of every issue

      senility is definitely setting in on romnutz

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