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  • wm_gates_iii wm_gates_iii Nov 12, 2012 8:08 PM Flag

    Only a #$%$ would short FB. Here's why!!!

    Goldman Sachs, world's most respected broker, has a $35 target for FB. Do you think then that any insider would want to sell at less than that price? Of course not! So the forthcoming lockup expiration becomes a mere formality, since no one newly ALLOWED to sell will IN FACT sell. Hence, instead of FB falling, as many naive newbies expect, the stock will RISE!!! So all investors are urged to join the insiders and BUY FB for the run to $35. See how simple the market is when it's analyzed correctly?

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    • wm_gates_iii , you wrote [ in part ]

      " Do you think then that any insider would want to sell at less than that price?

      I say ,

      INSIDERS have ALREADY SOLD at less than that price ....

    • You do realize that Goldman's public reporting of their stock analysis can often be significantly different than their short term guidance to their clients...right? Or did we learn nothing of their conduct during the 2008 mortgage crisis?

      You have posted often here, but have failed to provide any objective evidence to support your bullish case for FB. I really hope that you are at least getting compensated for your cheerleading, rather than being one of those early buyers clinging to lost hope. My heart truly goes out to anyone who got duped into this stock early on.

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    • LOL, are you serious right now? GS job is to do exactly what they have done to you. Sucker you in thinking you are going to make tons of money because they have a $35 target.. but wait whos the one selling you shares at $20? its GS, you dumbfark

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    • Your a complete FOOL!! I will enjoy every minute when this gets pummeled. If you actually trust GS and their word your even more of an IDIOT then Cramer!!! The last time shares expired what happened???? It crashed and will do the same this week. I'll see you at the bottom of the hill!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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