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  • howardbru howardbru Nov 13, 2012 10:43 PM Flag

    Here's the reason why employees will sell tomorrow...

    perhaps true. But near term people looking to get in may be waiting on the sideline for $15, which is very possible, couple that with insider selling+down

    Look at Linkedins biggest lockup on November 21, 2011 at lockup the price was $70 . During the following week the shares continued to go down 18% all the way to $57 before bouncing back.

    Whether your holding long term or not, if your looking to buy it's best to wait a few days at least, because facebook near term will go down.

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    • Smart money shouldn't invest into FB, No value here whatsoever!! Will be down to $5-7 by next year!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • first these locked up employees watch pps dump from $38 to $19.
        then Obama's gonna help them pay the deficit in 2013 adding higher cap gains AND obamacare tax to their FB holdings.

        i'm feeling a little offloading of shares by employees with these "in yo face!" negative factors... course the magical levitation of FB shares to date has the marks of every level of market manipulation imaginable -- man, they float like magic!

        cannot see how any serious pension or hedge fund can justify to real clients using real money to put raw capital into this slot machine. watchin and learnin tho.

    • not sure I agree with you howard.. the employees recognize that if they incite a sell-off, their "2 million dollar" one-stock portfolio is going to take the biggest hit.. these are smart people, and they recognize that holding will negate the recent decline that's been priced in purely because of the share lock-up, and drive fundamental growth moving forward. mark my words - this stock will go positive tomorrow.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Everyone is waiting for the stock to hit $15, but I don't think it will get there since SOO much bad news is already baked in. Also as soon as it goes below $18, the buzz is that trading brakes will go on, and then Zuck will make a statement the next day.

      Start buying at $17. You'll never see $16 again for this stock. It may not be the blockbuster it was hyped up to be but with basic mobile monetization it will get back to IPO price and 20% more next year.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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