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  • miles14 miles14 Nov 14, 2012 11:31 PM Flag

    Why was today different?

    Took a whipping on those Nov.14 puts, so try not to be too nasty ;-)

    What changed today that simply wasn't present during the prior two lock-ups?

    People like to cite Yelp (rather than perhaps Zinga or LinkedIn), but that appeared to be more director purchase driven. Other than Andreesen's 5.2m sale, there was nothing today. No large director purchases.

    I am genuinely interested in anyone's insight. Thanks and best of luck.

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    • Not sure, but yesterday got everyone by surprise! So now you have everyone thinking that FB is a buy, what is exactly what may be the intention. 225 million shares + 15 million in pre and after market changed hands yesterday. Some are covering and some are buying, but it wouldnt surprise me if many lockedup shares left early investor hands among that massive amount! So the markets are confused and everyone will start buying. While the locked up shares can be sold (amazingly enough) upwards!

      After the close at HOD even in AH, I presume the stock will continue its climbing today at least another $1, maybe more.

    • We try to view the market as a fluid action. Today's action really had nothing to do with lockup expiration. Big institutions decided that today was a good day to do their planed buys for shares of FB. If there was not a lock up expiration, they would have had to pay a much larger price.

      The action actually started on Monday. It was rather peculiar based on the lockup expiration looming. Today's action was a continuation of Monday.

      Most of the drop on many of FB peers were based on reactions to the potential sales of shares. The buying actions of the Institutional investors today basically trumped this action. Many insiders will still sell but it will be over time.

      Today's FB trade went against the grain. I remember when GOOG had a secondary and the stock went up about 8% and it seemed impossible with shares being sold into the market. Both these market events happened and they caught many people on the wrong side of the trade.

      There was no fundamental reason for the rise. It was telegraphed on Monday. I would still stay away from this until Monday after OE. .

    • Nothing different than perception.
      They will all dump before year end, and it serves well to prop up the prices, make money off shorts, and then let the flood gate open. First out, wins.
      This is a better scenario for them than running for the exit at this time.

    • Still way over bought.
      FB is a volatility wet dream (or nightmare).
      It's worth dog**** but can be pumped and dumped at a moments notice. Everyone is fickle and cautious on this stock.
      BTW: Still haven't heard a real answer to the click bots and fake accounts - just silence.

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