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  • jackgold117 jackgold117 Nov 16, 2012 6:15 PM Flag

    Don't buy the WSJ farce with FB

    Let me get this straight... We're supposed to believe that Facebook.. commanded by a CEO that has on multiple occasions stressed just how little of a flying rip he gives about people's security and privacy.. is going to successfully position itself as the new Paypal?? Facebook accounts get hacked left and right, day and night... Not much of a motivator to start entrusting your private information with FB, especially with identity and credit card fraud on the rise.... And from a marketing perspective, FB tends to have some of the worst conversion and click-through rates for campaigns... Ask any SEO expert... People don't go on Facebook to purchase, but to socialize.. that trend is concrete! If anyone drinks this kool-aid they don't deserve any sympathy when this stock crashes to $15... and then lower

    Wall Street Journal 11/16/12 Facebook Clicks on Commerce
    Go to Article for Full Article on Yahoo Finance.
    It is also exciting to imagine the other opportunities Facebook may have after it captures credit-card information. For instance, thousands of websites and mobile apps allow users to log in with their Facebook user name and password. What if, in addition to "logging in with Facebook," sites allowed users to "pay with Facebook?"
    Making transactions easier boosts volumes. It is why Amazon is so proud of its "1-click" ordering patent. As Facebook collects more credit-card numbers, might it be able to provide a similar service to partners on its platform?
    Its potential to grease the wheels of e-commerce is another reason to be excited about the shares.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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