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  • As stated previously Zuck's strategic vision for Fakebook is to keep Ms. Zuck happy.

    Even Ms. Zuck can grow bored shopping traveling and acquiring McMansions with oceanfront views . It is critical that Ms Zuck be kept busy . Charity work can be so unfulfilling.

    I'd like to make a suggestion. I understand that at Ms. Sandberg's party, Ms. Zuck was absolutely thrilled with her experience in tasting gefilte fish for the first time.

    Now I believe that the two principal players in the production of this product are Rokeach and Manishevitz. Seems to me that there is ample room in the marketplace for a third producer

    Farcebook should study entering this market. . Think about it. Fakebook will actually producing SOMETHING WE CAN SEE TASTE SMELL AND SEE. Ms. Zuck can be appointed CEO of this division and devote her skills to building this company from the ground up. The possibilities for this food item, well I'm sure that the creative Ms Zuck can come up with ground breaking ideas to excite the public in buying gefilte fish other than during Passover.

    For the do it yourselfer who might actually want to catch the fish and prepare the gefilte fish themselves, well one must dress appropiately for the task at hand. How about a Zuck hoodie?

    Maybe that famous fisherman Orlando Wilson can provide instructional fishing videos? Oy vea, the possibilities are endless

    Who knows, maybe one day I just might want to be a Fakebook investor. But as of now:


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