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  • rn1029 rn1029 Nov 19, 2012 2:34 PM Flag

    Israel Is A Terrorist Country

    Israel is a terrorist country as evidenced by its continuous efforts to stall any effort towards peace with its neighbors and particularly towards those who lived in that land for thousands of years such as Palestinians. All supporters of Israel are either racist, ignorant, religious idiots, or simply too stupid to understand common sense. They should follow the great example of President Carter by publicly calling Israel as an Apartheid State just like what South Africa used to be. The military aid that we give to Israel is being used to kill and take advantage of Palestinians who have been under Israeli occupation or under siege for over 45 years. The actions taken by Palestinians in firing rockets at Israel are fully justified under U.N. guidelines/policies which allows people who are under foreign occupation to resist such occupation. Shame on all supporters of Israel. Finally, Albert Einstein, possibly the smartest jewish person ever created did not support the creation of Israel in 1948 under the conditions that jewish organizations declared then. Einstein called for respecting the legitimate rights of palestinians to say the least.Take a lesson from the smartest jewish ever existed!

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    • Spoken like a true idiot who never left the house. Why don't you stand there all day and let some jerk throw rocks at you and see how you like it. Israel has been more than patient with the animals who launch rockets at them. You are defending vile #$%$ who use innocent people as human shields. Israel respects the rights of peaceful citizens of Gaza far more than the terrorists you are defending. If the vile #$%$ who are launching missiles at Israel simply stop there will be no invasion. This is a security issue for Israel... they just want to be left alone.

    • Well said!!! I just wish the mainstream media would for once inform U.S. citizens of facts like Israel is in violation of international law! The Geneva Conventions. Israel continues to steal land and prevents any kind of aid to the starving impoverished citizens in Gaza and the W. Bank. This is human cruelty of the highest order. And the "rockets" (i.e. fireworks) that are sent into Israel out of desperations - that is NOT in violation of international law. People forget this is a military occupation. If American citizens understood what was really going on, they'd be #$%$. We need to educate Americans on the truth... and somehow expose AIPAC, the Israel lobby, and its influence on our politicians.

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      • Didn't Israel give up Gaza? What have the Palestinians done with Gaza except embrace hamas,a terrorist organization h e l l bent on the DESTRUCTION of Israel as a state.?

        Has Israel ever fired any rocket into civilians other than collateral damage when trying
        to kill m u s l i m terrorists hiding behind children's schools,women and mosques.
        Has Israeli people blown themselves up in public markets ..EVER?????

        I say nuke em all!

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    • "The legitimate rights of palestinians" to do what? Lob missiles obtained from Iran into Israel and be free from retaliation? GLWT As long as the RIFs (Yahoo won't let me spell it out) want to utilize homicide bombers and other forms of you know what every time they are "offended" this will never resolve. Get use to it.

    • Listen buddy get this #$%$ out of here this is for only facebook blog ..please

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