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  • bender55243 Nov 19, 2012 9:08 PM Flag

    i cant believe it...


    My stupid voyeur child predator cowardly coworkers, think I'm bluffing. they actually think i don't have them on video scoping out my 14 yr old sons bedroom window.
    this weekend they paid a visit. da fat dumpy Simpson computer guy one was wearing a dark tshirt and cap. da chikin fluffin one was wearing a white or light colored shirt with ball cap and da third one i couldn't tell...

    They actually think I'm bull shlitting.

    well shawn l shultz and micheL vizarra I'm not...

    pay back is a #$%$. you. want to stalk me!!!

    And scare my son...


    as a holiday present I'm going to turn my info over to the greatest sheriff in da world sheriff joe.

    shawn remember when u threatened to inject me wjth escast and torchure me luke da deer u torchured with mike. u know i have it on tape.

    in about to bury u and destroy ur family .

    come and get me u fukkkkin coward.

    This topic is deleted.
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