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  • greatdayforpumpin greatdayforpumpin Nov 21, 2012 4:36 PM Flag

    FB SEC Investigation?

    Considering that volume and price manipulation is a crime I wonder why the SEC isn't investigating why on October 24th the volume was almost exactly the same as the volume on the lockup expiration date of November 14th. I wonder why they aren't investigating why the volume at the open everyday is almost exactly the volume at the close everyday.
    I wonder why the SEC isn't investigating why as there is more selling pressure as Insiders are dumping shares the price continues going up. Watching Level II you can see that even when there are far more shares to sell than buyers they will move the price up.

    I don't think even pumping longs would have complained if the price dropped to $16 as Insiders unloaded their shares and then the price climbed as quarterly reports came in showing profit and growth. Instead they think that 2 weeks ago the company is worth $38 Billion and today it's worth $53 Billion. I'm sorry but a company that is only generating $300 million in quarterly income is not worth either of those numbers but it definitely isn't worth $15 Billion more in just a couple weeks time.

    They wonder why trillions of dollars has been pulled out of this legal ponzi scheme. For some reason Bernie Madoff is a criminal but over valuing a company by 115 times it's true value is ok.

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