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  • estero655 estero655 Dec 3, 2012 5:25 PM Flag

    Bearish engulfment - pullback starting!

    Pullback or profit taking? Nothing goes straight up! Nice buying opportunity!

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    • These new Yahoo boards are so messed up. On top of being cumbersome and frustrating to use and generally poorly designed, they seem to be very buggy. My replies to ohze100 and estero655 both showed up under my original post even though I clicked the "Reply" button under the post is was responding to.

      Sentiment: Wondering why Yahoo invested so much time and effort into making changes that were a negative in almost every way, when the boards were just fine the way they were

    • Better wait till 21 to add on. Thats my next purchase price,if it does not hit it then oh well,still got my 19 pps.

    • Same $hit, different name. It could also be called a "bullish retracement".

      The tone of your post implies that you misunderstand the term "pullback". It doesn't mean a trend reversal. In fact, they're mutually exclusive. "Pullback" implies a continuation of the trend.

      But no, this is NOT a nice buying opportunity. It's foolish to buy right after a bearish englufment. Wait for it to drop another two bucks, *then* you'll have your "nice buying opportunity". If it stabilizes between 24 and 25, I'll consider going long again, but not before that.

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