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  • mrmrsrsm mrmrsrsm Dec 3, 2012 7:56 PM Flag

    FB joins NASDAQ 100 on Dec 12th !


    The questions I have about FB and E-commerce is this: How will FB steal the market from the likes of EBAY, and AMAZON and the other giants, when people are already used to using those other sites to purchase goods? Partnerships maybe the key, where the others pay FB to advertise? I use EBAY and AMAZON a lot, and I am trying to figure out what would entice me to switch and use FB over the rest, when I am so accustomed to using the others? FB needs to figure that out if they want to succeed in the e-commerce sector.

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    • When people get merry, they set up a registry of items that they want to be gift. Imagine that FB and Amazon/Ebay allows a registry to set up on this couple's FB page. Then their friends log on to their FB pages, check their wedding information, photo, progress and registry. click and buy the items from Amazon for this new couple ! And let's extends to the children and grandchildren for their X'mas gift and others things that they like to be gift. Their parents, aunt, uncle, grandparents check their FB page and purchase the gift for them. Just a few example that I can think of...

    • Think of doubleclick and pixar. The net did'nt have as much power as it does now and that was the problem back then. Graphics slowed things down too much, with google's internet fields and farms there is enough of it. Advertising on the web is the way of the future and they will lead it and be able to do more for companies in the way of buyer behavior and how they buy what they do. Especially the affluent buyers.

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