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  • pohba2000 pohba2000 Dec 7, 2012 11:42 PM Flag about a bunch of clueless idiots...!!!!!

    you people need to remember, this company is still growing/branching out. This social media stuff....that is just the tip of the iceberg...the foot-in-the-door...if you will. I rarely ever post on FB, but I click on to it's site a couple times a day. This company is going to branch out in so many $$$ making directions, average folks like us cannot even begin to comprehend it all. The new feature rolling out in Jan....the "wanted" button......will generate truck loads of cash in a short amount of time. Once people realize FB can hook them up with whatever they are looking for in record time, you will see people quickly stop wasting thei time on Ebay & craigs. Watch for FB to set up some sort of payment platform, similar to Paypal. Personally, I don't care if you agree with me or not. I like what I see here, and I have a time frame in mind to make "X" amount of $$$. If things are looking promising when these 2 areas converge, I will hold on for the ride. Momentum is your friend.

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    • Back when FB was just starting out you might have had a point, but the social market is saturated. Granted it could go to 100$ on the very force of the stupidity of muppets, but there would be absolutely no fundamental reason for it to do so.

      Two years from now, nobody is going to be using FB. There will be a new social media site. Why? Because in order to be socially relevant, something has to be constantly fresh. FB cannot do that. Social trends change very fast. Faster than FB can keep up.

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