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  • pohba2000 pohba2000 Dec 7, 2012 11:46 PM Flag about a bunch of clueless idiots...!!!!!

    Upon what do you base your figure of users in 3rd world countries making up 25% of FB users......just because you have been to poor 3rd world countries???? I fail to see any logic in that at all. Let's just focus on developed countried here.....US, Europe, Asia, S. America.
    Ummmm....where do you suppose all of FB's revenue comes from anyway?

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    • I work as an Internal Revenue Service Representative in the Manhattan district and I don't know if many are aware but when I have to verify if a tax payer is insolvent or just trying to avoid paying is to check out their lifestyle. Recently a directive came from the Department of the Treasury and we were instructed to investigate clients via social media(e.g.Facebook,LinkedIn ,Twitter ect)
      Let me tell you having inside access to anyone's account sure helps me determine the truthfulness of someone's insolvency claim.
      I think but don't quote me,but from my understanding These social media sites are paid around $5.00per search we do. That money comes directly from the Department of the Treasury.

      I personally do 15-20 searches a week. I'm sure Facebook has released this news as it is a great source of revenue.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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