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  • dr.schouse dr.schouse Dec 7, 2012 8:02 AM Flag

    how to beat the MM's at their own game with this stock

    Sounds like a lot of sour grapes from a bunch of stock market losers. i bet none of you have EVER picked a winning stock.

    let me say it like this...

    i can make the earth stop in its tracks.
    i made the blue cars go away.
    i can make myself invisible or small.
    i can become gigantic and reach the farthest things.
    i can change the course of nature.
    i can place myself anywhere in space and time.
    i can summon the dead.
    i can perceive events on other worlds in my deepest mind and in the minds of others.

    I CAN...
    I AM...

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    • Hey dr.schouse...much appreciation for THIS email The response that contains... let me say it like this...i can make the earth stop in its tracks.i made the blue cars go away.i can make myself invisible or small.The world now knows

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The real question: Can you take your head out of your #$%$?
      This might see low 25, before a upturn to 34ish

    • I'm just wondering if you can eat sheeeeet and die!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey cornhole commander.

      do you know we are being led to slaughter by placid admirals and fat slow generals are getting obscene on young blood.

      do you know amerika is ruled by t.v.

      • 1 Reply to dr.schouse
      • Fb will continue to increase in value. reason being tbe TSA uses fb to screen passengers. and da govt pays to have unlimited access to all their data.

        da news about this hasn't and won't be released for a long time..national security reasons ..but one of my neighbors loves to feel important so he occasionally tells me about his job with da TSA. i promised not to tell..but i meant tell his name when relaying da story.

        commander cornholio.. fb is and will continue to reap anormous revenues not from ads but from allowing da govt to troll its networks for alleged homegrown malcontents.

        as proof read about da NDAA at da library of congress. This was passed by obama.

        our govt is more afraid of its citizen's (i.e. tea party members and domestic militias than foreign military groups attacking us.

        more proof you say..

        Obama is attempting to ban semi auto weapons. and in August hilary Clinton agreed to da UN's demand that da.USA needs to ban da ownership of small arms as part of Agenda21.
        go to UN website and read da agenda21 document.

        it outlines everything but our media won't report this.?why??

        Recap. fb will continue to rise in value.

        there you go commander eat-da-corn. no news letter needed

        hey I'm on your side with fb so quit whinning about my spelin and grammer ;-)

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