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  • clevelandbubba6 clevelandbubba6 Dec 18, 2012 8:11 AM Flag

    I think its PANIC time for us shorts,its looking bad for us

    market is is taking off

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    • Just hang in there brother (alledged) short! What is the PE rat? 140? So IF the Christmas advertising results are amazing, what will the improved PE be? 40? Yuck! Aweful! Just wait, this turkey is headed DOWN before March. And also, all the Cool Kids are visiting FB alot less.

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      • easy for you to say hang in there I shorted 4k @ 26.50 yesterday,I am out almost 3,000

      • LNKD is running on sheer guidance, with a P/E of 700. Do you really want to be on the hook if the fiscal cliff is resolved and FB beats expectations in January? Be smart. If FB runs up like LNKD, FB could go to $100 easily before April earnings.

        Shorts did great, and congrats to them. Take your profits and move on to AAPL and LNKD.
        Now is the time to move on. No predictability with FB. All Zuck has to do is give a 10 minute interview next week and say two words - Search and Gambling - for FB to run up to $40.

        Shorts era is over folks. The lockup ending has left float with very strong long term investors who aren't dumping this stock @ $25. FB all time of low $18 was telegraphed by Zuck - now the stock has a new floor of $27. January revenue expectations should be easy to meet with so much antipathy still baked in.

        Time to go long on FB folks. While it may never be GOOG or AAPL, FB is the only stock that COULD be the next GOOG. That makes it THE best speculative buy of 2013. And that's why it's worth the risk at this point.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I would be a little nervous if I where you

      Sentiment: Buy

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