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  • elimsii elimsii Jan 1, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

    Republican House is correct - no spending cuts no deal

    at the very least stop the 11 billion dollar pay raise slated for the do nothing Congress.

    balance does not entail kicking the spending can down the road for 2 months

    stop action like fools and get some spending cuts in this deal to show you can at least do this.

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    • Problem is what the public thinks. If Republicans amend the bill it gets killed and most of the country sees them as the grinch who ruined the deal. Incredible to me the Dems won't even seriously talk about cutting spending. Raising the age for SS at some distantly deferred time should be simple, but we can't even get that done.

    • Republitards giveup ammending the compromise with spending cuts. What a bunch of wennies. What do they stand for???

      Obama kicked their butts in election and in this fiscal cliff negotiation.


      if market is stupid it will go up - if smart it will sell off on dysfunction of no grand bargain and kicking the tough decision down the road for 2 months. Huge steaks on debt ceiling and now spending cuts which they could not get done this time.

      more uncertainty not less.

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