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  • nickinil nickinil Jan 25, 2013 8:58 PM Flag

    Very long fiscal peace plan- Don't do these military activities to win the next war in the future, it's very bad for the future.

    Never do this, it’s very bad for the future. Don’t do these actions in this priority to win the next big war, even in the last resort. This idea should stop people from bothering little kids in other countries as they grow up and open up a new peace for the future (a very long stalemate).

    Don’t come to my apartment give substances to me then tease me whether I’m sleeping or awake

    Don’t flood large areas of land with water.

    Don’t disrupt traffic by pouring concrete in the street.

    Don’t dismantle all modes of transportation (all trains, all cars, all planes, all boats, and all busses).

    Don’t start randomly disembarking at various ports not along the route.

    Don’t disrupt all electricity.

    Don’t fill in all holes with concrete.

    Don’t consolidate living quarters by destroying buildings and pouring concrete over the top to initiate in fighting.

    Don’t release prisoners to colonize held ground. Don’t pay other countries to do the same thing.

    Don’t shoot torpedoes into the continental plate.

    After winning, don’t construct large concrete walls in a circular maze pattern for 200km width and length at various locations throughout a country. Also, do not put large square concrete ceilings in to block out sunlight with no electricity there would be no light to see where you’re going and people would get lost. Also, it is very bad to dig man made grand canyons outside of the large concrete walls.

    Don’t breed rabbits to put inside of the concrete walls to keep people there.

    Don’t give me millions of dollars and send me to a tropical island to have free time to think it will only make me mean and not produce better ideas. I just need enough to rent a nice apartment.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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