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  • jjorowsky@ymail.com jjorowsky Feb 12, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    What is wrong: the IPO price or Bernstein and Citigroup? GS and DB say to buy and I bought and I am losing money

    I want to understand what is wrong.

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    • Some very smart analysts are saying this stock could double from here so they're all wrong!

      "'Unique' Strength in Facebook, LinkedIn: Bill Gurley Both Facebook and LinkedIn have created a rare "global network effect," Benchmark general partner Bill Gurley says.Both Facebook and LinkedIn have created a rare "global network effect," Benchmark Capital general partner Bill Gurley said Tuesday on CNBC.

      "I don't think anything about how LinkedIn monetizes is threatened by mobile. The transition from one platform to the other is seamless for them, whereas it's a little bit tougher for Facebook," he said.

      "Both companies, however, have something very unique," Gurley added. "They have a global network effect that crosses borders. There are very few businesses where you have that kind of network effect, and they create a pseudo-monopoly."

      On "Fast Money," Gurley revealed one reason he remained bullish on both companies.

      "I was always taught way back in my days on Wall Street, 'You never short a leader,' and so I think it would be hard to get on the negative side of either stock," he said.

      AlphaOne Capital Partners CIO Dan Nileswas also positive on Facebook, citing the social media giant's 1 billion users and the introduction of social search and e-commerce with its gifting feature.

      "I think that's the real opportunity is that they add revenue streams, just like Apple did in its early days and just like Google did in its early days.

      OptionMonster's Pete Najarian, who owns shares of Facebook, said that the valuation of both stocks appeared "extreme," but he remained more bullish on one.

      "I actually think in front of them right now, Facebook has a much better opportunity … to potentially double," he said.

      Najarian is a pretty famous trader so watch for it.

    • how about you listen to the company instead? They don't care for profitability in 2013.

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