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  • gabriel.flagg Mar 16, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Price targets

    Once this thing reverses and breaks out what is the target? You have a 34 fibonacci or something, a 38 Goldman target. What about the 45 inverse head and shoulders target? Or the 66 high tight flag target? How can a pattern like this only yield only a 7% breakout dud? This pattern its making is classic. Or maybe it goes to 48 based on pivots and inverse head and shoulders analysis, then makes a high and tight flag and actually does go to 100 within the year. So it breaks 33 on high volume and then makes a massive run to 34? ROFLAO!

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    • I had position in GRPN, when decided to get out at 5.2 this analyst on CNBC upgraded it last Friday on option expiration (which I considered it stock manipulation via CNBC). I am worried to get out of FB at a loss (bought at $30.10) and then same manipulation as done with GRPN occurs following day!
      The articles by Motley Fools and seeking Alpha are all meaningless and do not shed any lights on why FB performing this way.

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    • Where is the head in your head and shoulders? I know where you think it is but that is not a head. FB broke from a flag in December did you see that? It tested the pole and failed. This is not a high tight flag. How does it pivot to $48.00.

      The chart is just a bunch of crud. This is far from a classic.

      Making a 4 bagger from here to 100? Can you name one stock of this FB's size that has made that type of run in year? You have to honestly be kidding. To top it off FB is not on a bull run.

      What you are doing is wishing. Take a look at the stock and ask yourself if it feels like it is about ready to bust loose. No it isn't. Calling a counter trend is one of the hardest things to do. Take a look a little over a month back into last year and FB had quite a large run. Give it a rest for awhile. See what happens after earnings.

      The charts are like the clouds and often we see what we want to see. There is no inverse H&S there is no high tight flag.

    • appears two bee inntwo a ponzi scheme. BrrrrahPuuuRup!!

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    • what's the time frame that you are looking at?

    • Yeah, but what do you think happens when we hit the ipo price? I think there could possibly have a massive sell off for investors to take there money back. Depends on how fast ave how much over we go. if there's sell we will hold or won't go lower than 30. Wallstreet really likes the price we're at now until a catalyst or earnings.

    • The falling wedge scenario would put us at a 25 handle where I would expect the behind the back stochastic to kick in followed by an over the top MACD. This should get us to a point of an extreme reverse time segmented volume which would have the bears covering their shorts at about 28. After that we can expect a run up to about 29 accompanied by an advancing RSI and money flow that will have all skeptics throw in the towel with a quick move to 30-ish. At this point, expect all longs to be committed when earnings are released at which time we will fall back to current levels. Then, of course, we must consider a reverse cup and handle which will put us into uncharted territory. Just my take.

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