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  • jedion Mar 22, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

    Cramer likes Facebook...

    He spent a 1/2 hour on his show showing a bullest technical cup and handle formation.


    He likes Mellinium Media (MM) at 14. It's now $7

    Guy is on a losing streak. Bout par for the Carnival Barker!

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    • Maybe investors need to see if the statements Mark Zuckerberg makes to investors are actually followed through. Like after the IPO when he finally got back from Wedding vacation he had a press conference. I believe he stated that focusing on mobile revenue was their number 1 priority. He must have mentioned the words mobile a hundred times. However the possibly most overpaid purchase in history "Instagram" is not available to Windows Phone or Blackberry. Windows phone has been trying drastic measures to get it. That is billions of dollars in lost advertising. It does not matter if "Cramer" likes the stock or not. It matters how the ceo runs the business. This ceo is doing puzzling things. I am not trying to be funny. He is acting like the college kid with an attitude everyone was warning about on CNBC. They were all saying how he acts etc. will not allow this stock to make money for investors. They are currently spot on with their comments on the day of the FB ipo. That is the only thing you heard " Will Mark Zuckerberg ever take off his hoody and make money for investors". No we have the answers. He is holding back Instagram from being put on two mobile operating systems that could bring in billions of dollars in ad revenue. Does not make sense and that is the thing that screws investors. It does not matter what Cramer says, it's what Zuckerberg does.

    • What show are you watching. The last time I saw that idiot mention facebook was during the lightning round earlier in the week. He said he would buy it at 24 and back of the truck at 22.

    • I know very little about TA. It does sorta look like an extended cup and handle with investors stretching the cup thru the lockup period. After the cup it looks like exhausted investors are getting into the head and shoulders pattern with yes, a serious drop possible. IF this were a normal mature stock.

      However, FB is such a distorted stock that is ALL story, and subject to the antipathy from the IPO and the complete lack of support of its price from corporate. Thus this H&S could just be a consolidating treading water handle type deal. Volume is really drying up below $25.91 which seems to me a bullish sign - or maybe just wishful thinking.

      Still, there's just no reason to sell at this point just when we are heading into tax season, Passover, and then earnings. Too much potential upside to complete this H&S drop to $24, then $22. The market doesn't like this stock, but who would sell out at $24 when the price target is established at $33, and expectations are like 8 -13 cents a share which FB could easily beat.

      The folks who want to cash out likely already got out, and tax refunds are coming with the promise of new speculators. If you believe in the H&S, then you likely would have cashed out this week. If you don't believe in the H&S then you are just waiting until April 15 or before earnings run up to buy in. Thus, if FB can stay above $25 next week, I think the bulls should kick in after Passover.

      But even if it's pure H&S w/ a real drop, buyers will pounce at $24 w/ very little downside risk, and possible great upside into 2014.

      Buyers are getting their powder dry I think, volume to sell at this price is drying up, and we could actually be in a long pseudohandle as Cramer suggests. I think we should know by April 4. Because FB is trading post bad guidance and still hanging on, my guess is that there is a 60% likelihood for handle, 35% H&S, 5% something else.

      I think you start to buy in again at $25.25.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Cramer says BUY BUY BUY on fb! it looks fb is at its bottom now! bought more today and hold for rally!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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