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  • slider5x5 slider5x5 Apr 21, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    Facebook Home drops again in Overall Free Downloads Google Play (App Annie)

    today looks like it is down another 24 slots not even in the top 100 anymore

    down goes Fraser
    down goes Fraser
    down goes Fraser

    doesn't matter cause there is no incremental money here anyway - what matters is Zuck thought this was a huge noteworthy come see what we are building announcement - hype - news media b oght into this #$%$.

    this pos should be down below 25 easy just to deflate from the hype of "the boy who cried wolf - home etc."

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    • badger,

      You are pretty funny too (won minus one is still zero - cognitive muscle time).

      I never liked Fraser in anyway shape or form for some inexplicable reason, always routed for Muhammad Ali, maybe my disdain for the man MHRIP is the source of my typographical alteration.

      Not hatting on FB just a little annoyed at Zuck and the idio. news CNBC outlet for hyping stuff like gifts and home as if they were a game changer when any rational person could see it is not - sucks in the suckers.

      Short the rips on news of no consequence to top and bottom line.

      This stock should be scraping the low 25s on its way to 22. Revs flat to down and expenses way up.

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      • Slider,

        Good to see you have a sense of humor. Nice play of words.

        It's doubtful that gifts and home will be game changers, but I like that Zuck is at least trying to find other revenue sources and keep FB relevant, cool, trendy or whatever.

        I do watch my fair share of CNBC and I don't see them over-hyping FB, besides the FB IPO disaster. During the launch of gifts and home, yes, CNBC did allocate some coverage of these events. However, they did have their fair share of doubters questioning these products/ideas.

        I'm hopeful for a REV surprise but think EPS will be a disappointment, but not shocked since Zuck basically said he wasn't concerned with making money this year.

        Either way, good luck to you and your investments. Hopefully not at the expense of my investments.

      • root not rout - one won - frazier fraser

        ok so I can spell but make typos errors whatever... haha

    • @ badger nka bagger

      1st of all bagger get a life - if you have never made a typo in writing text or message board then you can come back and play holier than though.

      2nd the point of the post was detriver81 has been counting fartbook home down from #186 - the moment it had a reversal and started falling instead of gaining in popular downloads he changed the metric from all free downloads to some other nonsensical category. If you did not get the point of the post maybe you should spend a little less time correcting typos and more time exercising your cognitive muscle - it clearly needs it.

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      • Slider you are a funny person, of course I've made plenty of typos (this might be won), I guess I need to start exercising my cognitive muscle??

        I only pointed out the Frazier typo because I had seen it in another post, and if my cognitive muscle remembers correctly it was misspelled there too and not as Fraser. Maybe come up with some new material.

        Maybe I missed the point of your post. I thought you were just hating on FB, which I still think you were.

    • First of all, it's Frazier.

      Also, when you looked up the free downloads on Google Play did you notice who held 3 of the top 5 downloads?

      Let me refresh:
      1. Facebook
      4. Instagram
      5. Facebook Messenger

      Facebook Home doesn't have to be a home-run. I like that Zuck is at least trying to create new products/sources of revenue. Time will tell whether or not FB is a POS.

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      • Facebook Home has now 500.000+ downloads on Android, still 2/5 stars rating. In Scandnavia, this is where Facebook is:

        Top New Free apps:
        5. Facebook Home

        Top Free:
        54. Facebook Home

      • You still don't get the picture. Do you remember why they made Facebook Home? I posted it here on yahoo boards, FBs own words. They were losing younger audience, so they needed to make something that would make them stay or/and get new users.

        Which means, Facebook app, Instagram and FB Messenger are no longer enough to keep FB where they are. Facebook Home will make no difference whatsoever to the users, because the only people that are going to download this are the ones who are already using FB(i.e the Facebookholics).

        Makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time when media started hyping this with "Google killer" etc. hahaha.

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