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  • atlantis841201 atlantis841201 May 1, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    WHAT A JOKE !!!

    So, let me get this straight, with all the hypes of all the growth, the 1st QTR Rev. is actually lower than the 4th QTR Rev of 2012. And the earning is 9 cent, which is exactly the same as 1st QTR 2012. So even though the Rev increase is 37.8% YOY, but those extra sales are absolutely uselss. Who gives a F#$&!% even if every member move from desktop to mobile version, it still NOT generating actual profit !!!!

    And the Longs are scratching their heads and wondering why it didn't rocket AH.

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    • The real joke was once told by one of the club members: Many FB longs secretly wear hoodies in their closets, just to try them on and hang-around for a while, with the superstition that, perhaps there is some secret "success-sauce" hidden in the hoodie itself, the magic, that will bring out "billion-$$" luck before one's 30th birthday! But, in the process, perhaps because its too small, they partially suffocate themselves for a while, thus depriving the cerebrum from oxygen ... reducing their decision-making ability w.r.t. managing their FB-paper ... then, they hang-on in the entire trip, say, from 38 to 17, then from 32 to 25 etc...and go through resulting emotions, most of the time scared of the shadow cast by the hoodie's opening on the ground ... which is elliptical in shape, approximating a circle, representing a zero! Thus, instead of the dreams of the "hero" they get the periodic-nightmares of the "zero"! LoL! :-)

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      • The real fun would be when in near future, some FB longs would not believe when they'll look back, that how come they were hypnotized by the mass media, to pump-up a glorified-website to 70B+ valuation! Most registered-users are there as long as its a freebie and because of the screen-size restrictions, mobile will never be that kinda revenue generator for FB. IOW: Next 5000 years' of potential income-generation valuation you are paying now in FB (that assumes at least 1000 big-Ben like chairpersons to pump-up the M2 money supply in the journey)! LoL! :-)

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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