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  • darwin.charleston darwin.charleston May 3, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    FB not a fad

    What many don't understand is that FB is not just some craze for teenagers. Its invention has shifted the modern world into a new paradigm remote from prior generation. Though most don't have the vision at this point, I honestly believe in a couple hundred years, historians and anthropologists will look back and see Facebook as a turning point in human history.

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    • You are 100% wrong. Facebook is a fad and a fraud. Facebook is an entertainment just like Nintendo, cable tv channel or magazine. It is extremely overvalued, as if it is a product or service that drive the world economy. It is not. In a few years, Facebook will be nothing more than a "pet rock".

    • t May 5, 2013 7:10 PM Flag

      Completely agree!

    • FB is an overhyped fad.
      FB is a free commodity, that if people actually had to pay for it, they would lose 99.999999999% of it's users.
      No one gives a sh1t about facebook. It takes itself way too seriously, it has no business being a publicly traded company. It is a joke. They make nothing and add no value to anything. They are going to keep banging their heads against the wall trying to monetize users, and by the time they figure out how to squeeze a drop of blood from that stone, they populace will have moved on to the next social network.
      This will keep happening.

      Facebook/friendster/myspace/Google+/Path = These are brands and are as disposable as bubble gum
      Social networking itself, is not a fad.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Facebook is used by idiots to post messages that nobody reads.
      The advertisers on Facebook are the biggest idiots, though.

    • Calm it down a bit there, guy. Facebook didn't invent or even reinvent the wheel. Remember MySpace. I'm in no way suggesting that Facebook takes the same turn (though its probable). I only use it as an example pointing to the fact it was basically the same service. And Myspace wasn't even the first.

      Between the two, I'd ultimately argue that Facebook was the superior. But, that might just be because Myspace became a twisted obnoxious version of the original site and that latter version is all I can really remember. Facebook was the cleaner alternative...without all that god awful garage band noise.

      I would say that Facebook has been instrumental in this new shift towards "social", for right or wrong (it can be very hard to tell at times). But, I think that historians and anthropologists would look back on this generation for the dramatic speed of improvement of tech as a whole and not just a website where people share vacation and drinking photos nobody else really wants to see...or what they had for lunch. I think Mark Zuckerberg's original statement of intent is admirable. But, the mode itself seems to be rapidly degrading to simply a digital soapbox for boring narcisists...who could care less about the ads that are being thrust in their face.

      That got a little wordy. Sorry bout that.

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      • t May 3, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

        You're missing a huge difference between Myspace and Facebook. Facebook is allowing people across the world to communicate IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES IN REALTIME. This is unprecedented and frankly revolutionary. I can leave a comment on my Japanese friend's wall and he and all his Japanese speaking friends can click and translate it in realtime. This is creating a communicate utility that is only predated by the telephone.

        Facebook could 5x their revenues over night if they sacrificed engagement over monetization. They could do pre-roll videos everytime users logged in, they could do mobile video ads, full screen takeover ads, etc etc. Advertisers would pay HUGE dollars for those types of ads. You know who ran those types of ads? MYSPACE. And that's exactly why they died. Because users are not stupid. They will jump #$%$ if the value they get from Facebook is less than what they get out of Facebook. Facebook won't pull a Myspace and start putting ads everywhere to maximize revenues. They'll be smarter about it, and let advertisers target their users OFF Facebook in order to maximize the Facebook brand and perception.

      • well Apple didn't invent the cellular phone either, but look at how the iphone has changed people's lives. sometimes building a better mouse trap is all it takes. The fact remains that FB is the most visited website in the world. this is a fact. It is staggering that over a seventh of the earth's population is on FB. It has become a way to connect people and businesses in a manner that will catapult civiliation to new heights. The point is that the world has been waiting for this creation, as our species demands a superior system of coalesce the global economy and the people and cultures of this world. Myspace failed. It doesn't really matter why they failed, but they did. Had they had the innovation and resources to accumulate sufficient market share that their system would become so intertwined in the dad-to-day operations of people and businesses, then we would be talking about them. However, just as in nature, they were selected out because of their own inefficiencies and never reached that critical escape velocity. but some people can't see that. they don't ahve the vision. instead they just wallow in myopia. and they too will be weeded out in Darwinian fashion.

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