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  • bubbleburstsoon bubbleburstsoon May 7, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    FB has $2.90 cash/share & has profit of 40 cents/share and U paying 27? May god save U

    FB is not even worth $10. MZ is a Lier & Thief. He stole IPO buyers Money. He fired CAO recently for not signing on Fraud books. Users are FAKE. Numbers are FAKE. The truth will come out later. The original idea of FB is stolen from friends of MZ by MZ. He may be cooking books to Hype the stock. DO NOT TRUST HIM. DUMP this stock and go on, there are lot of stocks that merit buying than this JUNK.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • bass9189 May 7, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

      Just about everyone I know is on Facebook. I don't the 1.1 billion user number is fake at all. The company also has about $9.5 billion in cash and cash equal with about $2.5 in debt. Paying off its debt would still leave it with $7 billion to invest or buy companies for future growth. The fundamentals are sound here. The is also slowly monetizing its user base to increase revenue ( it is keeping the pace slower because it does not want to turn off users with too many ads).

    • This is a website and app company that retains very young internet users, there is a Tsunami of new technologies coming online in social media over the next several months to years, including new apps. This company simply is a billboard that is attempting to sell advertisements, and in your face, at most its going to be annoying and unproductive.
      Even if due to sheer numbers they generate effective ad revenue, there is very little change in my opinion that the net profits will surpass $2 Billion a year this decade. The share may be worth holding at $5, or even $10, but anywhere over that is pure speculation, and risk.

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