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  • as_the_world_turns as_the_world_turns May 7, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    What is wrong with this stock?

    Why can it not hold any gains? Does Zucker care? It is in bottom 10% of all stocks this year. Where is the monetisation of graph search? A billion users and Zucker cannot make enough money?

    Resign, Zucker, if you are not up to the job - there are many who can do your job much better.

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    • the problem with this stock is that idiots like you bought it. see you at 10 pps

    • It's no mystery. In fact, the answer is quite simple: It's overvalued.

      "A billion users"

      If you believe that, let's get together so we can discuss whether I can interest you in buying a bridge in New York City or perhaps some prime real estate in the Everglades. FB management takes great liberties in how loosely they count their "users". By "takes great liberties" I mean "deliberately lies and inflates", and by "loosely" I mean "deceptively".

      "and Zucker cannot make enough money? Resign, Zucker, if you are not up to the job"

      You got that part right. Current management has no vision. They have no idea how to monetize their large user base, yet some people keep throwing money at them on faith that they'll eventually figure something out, never mind that they've shown no signs of having the ability to do that.

      Bottom line: It's foolish to invest in the stock and then hope the company will develop potential. Wait until the comapny shows that it actually has potential, because it's no foregone conclusion that it ever will.

    • "What is wrong with this stock?" "EVERYTHING". I am sorry to tell that but, we who bought at the IPO were decieved. After that we were lied, exactly, the word is lied by the ubgrades of GS, DB and all the financial mafia. That is the reality.

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      • Zuk need to buy back issued stocks instead of buying other companies. There are too many
        O/S stocks they issued during IPO add to that the options that they are giving to it's employees.
        Now he's making FB to advance his political agenda instead of making it a medium
        for political forum for everynow. Now, people who does not share his views are turned off and
        fleeing FB. Shareholders are suffering the consequences. Does Zuk care if the price goes down?

    • buddy me too . it seem like it doesn't matter market up or down .FB is allway down

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