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  • fbommarito1001 fbommarito1001 May 19, 2013 9:13 AM Flag

    FB is cheap

    Compare FB to amazon way back. It took them almost a decade to post earnings but investors saw the potential of a new online mega retailer. The same is going for FB except they are already making billions. I think when looking at earnings, it is important to look at the billion they spent on infrastructure this year as a new dont see that in the EPS but you can see it in assets. also it is important to look at growth...over 35% growth in revenue which is outstanding. these are things that the mega investors are looking at, and this attempt to slander them down to cheaper prices will only last so long....i doubt it will last much longer and expect a push this week. analysts still see this stock at 33+ and the information hasnt changed.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Take it you got your rear handed to you? Go ahead, purchase more shares. Its your money not mine!

      Though I will tell you not to compare the Amazon tech days to today.

      Here is a plug for you. Market has been roaring back and you fools are still stuck in quick sand!! You could have made a killing playing the REAL market and then cashing in your gains, and averaging down on this turd if you really want to own it.

      Stop hoping for a comeback. IT is going to take some major major maaaaajjjoooorrrrr earnings upside to get this turd up to its IPO price. SO hang tight. Its going to be loooooooooong ride. Maybe 2015. But I am sure the opportunity costs don't matter to you! Its all just economic profit anyway! Who cares about that??

    • The PE is 570. That means if someone wanted to sell their business with $100,000 of earnings each year for the price of $ 57 Million dollars! That is insane. Go ahead buy more.

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