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  • peterburkett peterburkett May 23, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    Do FB workers spend

    their whole day coming up with schemes to compel users of their site to view advertising? That must be their daily purpose as the company has no other source of revenue other than selling drugs to the employee's to keep them ever "mindful of the company mission...saturate the world with advertising. What an outfit.

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    • Actually they spend their days devising engines to spy on you in more and more nefarious ways, rooting through your cookie jar, browser history, cataloging key words in your posts and posts to you and about you, applying biometric analysis to pictures of you, keeping track of your geographical location and your mvoements. These are all crunched by invalidated algorithms to make judgements about you, your health, your proclivites, your risks, and yes even your sucker-index, to guess what you can be folled into buying. Things you click on are part of input to this data collection but they are not really the amin point. Then documentation of their suspicion of you being a fat, child-molesting alcoholic who is willing to waste money on exhorbitantly priced German cars and strip clubs is packaged and sold to a large number of interested entities, including your insurance company, car companies, etc. etc. That is where they are planning to hit the mother load, not with clickable banner adds. That is so early 90's.

    • rwolek May 23, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

      And what a fabulous thing--Such a NOBLE source of income! Helping the weak spend more of their limited income on dumb JUNK or calories they don't need! And with the middle class savings rate as famously pathetic as it already is!

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