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  • emax1mil emax1mil May 26, 2013 5:49 AM Flag

    I finally figured it out guys, why longs are like monkeys

    A FW PE of 42 is expensive compared to FW PE of Google and Yahoo of 17.

    If you were at the supermarket and you could buy green Google Apples at 17, Yahoo oranges at 17, and then FB Bananas at 42, which one would you buy??

    They are all fruit, so a rational person would buy some apples and some oranges and short some bananas.

    Bananas are not more valuable than oranges and apples, because they are practically the same thing, in terms of being fruit.

    So the only explanation to this price is that ONLY A MONKEY would buy a banana that expensive. It all makes sense now..

    and its really that simple..

    and for you monkeys out there, if you want some more bananas, you can short them and buy them later when they are fairly valued, at 17 PE, that would be around $15 a banana.

    There is no reason you should be buying this at this price, unless you really are a monkey.

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