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  • gf995 gf995 May 29, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    Head and Shoulders Completed - Time to buy in and pick at the carcass at $23.23

    Shareholders meeting in two weeks - wonder what people will be telling Sandberg.
    Now ironically FB becomes a value play at this price.

    Zuck can't let it fall below $22, and Sandberg's ridiculous and clueless comments behavior and selling won't let get back to $30.
    Start buying tomorrow $23.23, all the way down to $22.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • The LVS owner let it get to about 3 before a rescue mission.

    • Sorry, there's no head and shoulders there, support all the way down at $19 and change....just reading the charts man!

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      • Looks like I was right about this - a drop below $20 affects recruiting and Zuck doesn't want that. Plenty of support above $20. And it's amazingly stable after another disastrous PR day with the shareholders. This is probably now the worst IPO company of all time, really historic in its indifference and PR, and TOTALLY disinterested in its status as a publicly traded company.

        While I have no respect for these folks at all, it's clear that there is enough speculative positive sentiment keeping it above $23, just as I predicted. Buy in to speculate for 2014. Everyone else should sell July 18.

        This is a 5 year plan stock now as per Sandberg. They are NOT a public company, they are pretending and will continue to behave as though they are private. I hate this company and have canceled my personal FB account. This is a good short term buy under $24, or if you need to park money for the next 6 months without checking it. Institutions have wised up and aren't buying this stock so retail investors beware !!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Sorry man, obviously the charts aren't with you on this today. As I said, there is value in the stock, none at all in mgmt. or the board. Sad sad sad bunch of people. They'd better have some really really cool ads to sell next year.

        I set the price at $23.23 and that's pretty much where we started buying again. $22 is clearly the bottom unless Zuck comes out again with some idiotic new phone idea.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • There was a prior H$S pattern which never completed. Plus Zuck can't allow the stock to fall below $20 since he publicly told everyone to double down in the $18-20 area..

        Even HE can't let his minions see that he is a public fool liar or misleader in chief. The idea that he can continue to keep his staff happy with a stock price below $20 just doesn't follow logically.

        The Capitulation is complete as we near the stockholders meeting. Unless Zuck says he lied before, we're at bottom at $22 since FB does have revenue increases on mobile, and has met revenue expectations. I don't wish anything bad on anyone, but if Sandberg has political aspirations, I wish she would move on and get going. She's doing nothing to help FB.

        Sentiment: Buy

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