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  • brad_welsh brad_welsh Jun 1, 2013 8:19 PM Flag

    Loss of 6 million United States Users per month, UK use down 9% a month

    6 million US users per month are tuning out, people fatigued and turning off in the UK, Canada, Germany and other developed nations.

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    • Sheryl DENIES This!

    • Socialbakers Denies Report that ‘millions of users’ Have Left Facebook, says ‘there is no story’

      A report by The Guardian suggesting that “millions of users” have left Facebook has been refuted by Socialbakers, the social media analytics firm from which the figures were originally sourced.

      Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers, took to the company blog today to explain to readers that the statistics were “rough estimates” and “not primarily intended for journalists”.

      The company says the data was meant specifically for marketers, and follows a similar misreading by The Guardian three months ago.

      “In this article, I explained the stats in question, revealed the source of the stats, and admonished journalists against jumping to conclusions about them going forward,” Rezab said.

      “Well, (The) Guardian did not heed the advice, jumping to an even bigger conclusion this time.”

      Socialbakers is emphasizing that the figures cannot be used to determine Facebook traffic, all but disproving the primary evidence for The Guardian’s piece. “The bottom line here is that there is no story,” Rezab said.

      The figures reported by The Guardian suggested that Facebook had lost 6 million visitors in the United States throughout March, equal to a 4 percent decline. In addition, 1.4 million fewer users – a fall of 4.5 percent – accessed the social network from the UK over this period.

      The newspaper reported a similar drop in users accessing Facebook from Canada, Spain, France, Germany and Japan.

      Rezab sent a tweet earlier today highlighting his concerns:

      In fairness, The Guardian’s reporter Juliette Garside contacted Facebook to verify the data and interviewed an additional source, new media specialist Ian Maude from Enders Analysis.

      Maude was quoted as saying that there was a “boredom factor” associated with social networks such as Myspace, but that the risk for Facebook to go this way was “relatively small.”

      Public data exists to be examined, analyzed and published, but The Guardian’s

    • They may be losing teens to their own instagram hense whey they bought them. Losing ppl to twitter.. They are gaining in the business sector. Look at Ford's FB page and many other businesses. fb is the place for an interactive connection with a user. No better way to get the word out better than FB. If Fb can start offering products like an amazon and buy a hulu or a netflix would be the best thing for them. One website that has it all. An echosystem! PPl need another excuse to log on to their facebook besides for connected socially. Twitter is more instant FB is at a disadvantage. What will attract ppl to logging in to there accounts, that is the question.

      1. If i log in to fb to access my hulu plus for example watch a movie start laughing like crazy and i want to share it with a friend that instant. Have an icon near the play button "share" All I need to do is click share and it posts a 30 second clip from movie on my wall or freinds wall and post a comment.

      2. sell FB shirt of the day or product of the day like a woot (makes ppl log in)

      3 make it a full ecommerce site for households
      4 buy yelp
      5. buy a news paper company like birkshire and hathaway ppl like good news id log in for that

      I am sure there are so many things they can do hense the high pe ratio. Its a golden platform they need to do things quicker.

    • Your a bad troll go away

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