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  • boomerskunk boomerskunk Jun 5, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

    Sandberg Resign / Any news from HQ could help

    #$%$! Sandberg as COO is out promoting her book and views on social issues. Who in the hell would condone this behavior from a COO when your company's stock is plummeting!! Zuckerberg needs to grow up fast and monetize this company. Sandberg should be working everyday sucking up to Wall Street and mining for ways to improve Facebook and not furthering her own agenda. At what point does Zuck realize she needs to go or refocus her efforts. She should start by repurchasing some shares in show of support at these levels.
    Disclosure: Long 6k shares at 26.67
    The only saving grace would be a huge increase in mobile use and an increase in advertising revenue. We need to see a stabilizing of costs related to compensation and R&D spending.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    • Stabilization of cost for giving out options can only happen if Mark imposes the Lockin period. Most companies have 5 yrs lockin period, You are rigth R &D spending it way too much and out of sight . If they continue to increase sales and control cost and improve the botton line , the FB stock can easily get to $35 -$40 range. But mark is too geek and doesn't F* get it.

    • Well, why don't you take up a petition and email it to the company's Investor Relations department. Sandberg is not going to listen to anyone unless shareholders start talking claw-backs of salaries and bonuses. I agree that she should stabilize cost at some point. The company is now at break-even, so any acceleration in revenue should produce very good earnings moving forward. The argument may be that she expects revenue streams and growth to pick up in the future, so she is adding capacity or personnel now to handle it. The worse case is to not have people in place if growth does accelerate for this could cause major organizational problems in the future.

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      • I tried. Apparently I'm the only one in the country who has tried. No one cares.
        Tried to reach out to all large shareholders. Investor Relations says we're growing the company.
        Nothing else.

        It's time to discuss Claw Backs, Buy Backs, resignations, or reshuffling.

        Bizarre, Hubris filled, Baffling.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Read all my other posts. No one cares. This board should be investigated along with the CEO COO and CFO. This is the worst mgmt. team of all time. Until shareholders get active, nothing will help.

      The meeting is next week. I think you anyone that can afford to attend in SFO should go and yell their heads off at this Plutocratic Autistic Dictatorship. Is Sandberg going to repurchase shares or do her job or support the stock price ? Never. She's too bush with her own agenda. Demand she resign.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • if they have anything to say the would wait till shareholders meeting on june 11th

    • This has no longer anything to do with the BoD, that including CEO, CFO and COO. Market is going down. And investors are getting out. And so should you.

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      • Though I appreciate your concern for my well being, I beg to differ on your opinion the BOD has nothing to do with the decline. The BOD should see what is happening to the stock and the sentiment surrounding their company. The BOD needs to set the tone for the company. If your employees have no or poor leadership with little direction, this responsibility falls to management and goes up the chain to the BOD. Focusing on advertising through mobile is hardly something employees rally behind. Where is the vision? The excitement? The innovation? Facebook need to be reinvigorated. This is not being done. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the top talent leaves for more exciting start ups. Facebook runs the risk of a brain drain if the BOD can't fire up their employees. Even in a down market, good companies rise or stay at stable levels. Facebook is in a free fall.
        Investors are getting out, but I disagree with the BOD having nothing to do with it. Poor leadership can sink a company. The BOD can buy shares, explain future plans in greater depth, update on progress being made with mobile and ensure shareholders Facebook is a safe place to park your money.

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