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  • mfel44 mfel44 Jun 12, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    EASY FB+RENN = CHINA shares fly

    fb poaches its chinese clone, take minority stake
    has what no other western player has... both markets
    renn shares fly, fb shares fly

    and now fb is set up for the next decade.

    home skins
    etc...isnt moving share value here.

    bc china is the arcade. and fb is missing the boat, and so are its share holders

    if fb cant open in china , then fb should invest in locals, renn is ripe for the picking

    fb grabbing a stake renn and developing a china strategy for cheaper than any other solution present in china

    is fb's move to make,

    fb and renn togehter changes the global SNS in big broad strokes

    where else does fb get so much for soooo little buy in?

    renn trades at 3 something a share

    ripe for the stake.

    fb share holders want action... yet their is none in china
    thus far

    and china is where all the action is ....

    fb shareholders want to see return?

    fb should stake in renn and make big moves

    big money comes from bold moves

    fb making skins and sleek mobile apps is still not going to change the share value...
    internal upgrades are always priced in...

    global expansion is not yet...

    fb should buy renn

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    • not a single penny of fb in china is priced in the current share value.

      one very simple, very cheap buy in of RENN

      opens FB to 200million real named users
      the cool cache fb would bring renn ,
      would bring millions to ren ren door instantly
      including the ad revs that would flow from
      fb dealings...

      fb share holders want $

      fb should stake in renn, and watch renn shares fly

      watch fb shares fly

      no where is china priced in here. if zuckerberg pulled the trigger on a chinese local.
      he could effectively have a stake in both markets
      for extremely cheap...

      what no other american co. has

      its chinese clone for dirt cheap...

      this deal is made for fb share holders...

      fb and renn would change the how the game is played

      to buy their chinese clones...

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