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  • indy5live indy5live Jun 15, 2013 9:30 PM Flag

    Thursday's Announcement Leak!

    As you've read, a small group at Facebook has been working on a big project and it is to be revealed at Thursday's press conference. What's been leaked is that it deals with auto-photo/video tagging, more specifically, company brands, logos, and keywords. Smart tagging will identity companies logo's and brands in unloaded photos/videos and create a link on that person's photo/video to a paid sponsor's page or website. For example, if you are wearing a Nike Golf Shirt or standing next to a Ford F-150, Amazon could pay to have that Nike tag go to their website with Nike brand shoes showing or Carmax could pay to have the Ford tag link to their truck page. The reason the invite is coffee themed is because Smart Tagging will also be able to identify activities in photos/videos, such as a person drinking coffee, which can then be linked to Starbucks or the highest bidder. Not a game changing technology, but definitely cool. In terms of privacy, companies won't have access to the photos (unless they are set to public) but the links will still be generated and send traffic to their page. Happy buying.

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    • Facebook continues to make changes that users don't like. I've never heard of a business forcing customers to swallow what they don't want. I don't recall Facebook engaging the community to ask what it wants. Changes simply appear. I personally love change but Facebook is the exception. I am always shocked to visit friends pages and sees many, many updates - none of which I've seen even though I'm "subscribed to all posts". Sometimes I can't even find my posts on my own page. (I do, however, continue to receive unwanted page suggestions.)

    • They better be able to quantify the impact to Revenues and bottom line - which is unlikely.

      Sounds intrusive and messy a bunch of links cluttering up an already cluttered space which most will ignore since there is nothing in it for them. and that is a big if that the photo be public - I would think most would not be public.

      Doubt if this will even move the needle.

      Another geeky idea which translates to neither top nor bottom line. IOW another dud.

    • How does this make $$$$ for fb? No co. is going to pay for this. Like looking through a friends photo album!?

    • I like it.
      Is Smart Tagging the only way companies will be able to advertise in Facebook?

    • Actually for advertisers it would be a game changer but can I ask where you heard this rumor

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      • I'm talking out of my #$%$ really but have been suggesting the idea to them for years. They have facial recognition software, why not created a brand/logo/activity recognition software and somehow make it profitable.

        But it has to be something along the lines of a new feature (or Market, like China, but that would take a much larger team of people). And considering the fact they sent out invitations via mail (not just a Press Release like they did with their #hashtag) it has to be something big. I don't remember the last time Facebook invited people to a press conference.

        As someone already mentioned on the board, it can't be hardware.Hardware can't be kept a secret and, considering only a small group of people have been working on this project, I think it's safe to conclusion it's not. Another reason I suspect it is not hardware is because the invitation cleverly included the word coffee and had a coffee stain on it, which we all know the other word for coffee is Java, which Facebook's website and mobile run on. So it's definitely a software upgrade or new feature, but, once again, a feature worth inviting the press in too see.

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